My Chicago Bulls Plan Part 2

Back from Hometown Buffet, which means I have a little food coma. So let’s keep this part short and sweet.

Tayshaun Prince- Free agent. Can Handle the ball and play PG/Point Forward. He can hit the 3-ball, esp. from the win/corners as a spot up shooter. He can create his own shot. He can score and distribute from the post. We all know he is an excellent defender and good rebounder. He gets a lot of deflections and steals, but also can get up for a handful of blocks. He can play a little PF but is mostly a SF, and he knows how to win (Kentucky, Detroit Pistons won the championship).

So let’s see: he can give Rose a break on the court from initiating the offense. He can be a reliable scoring option to help Rose on the floor in multiple ways. He can create his own shot and add defense and rebounding to an already elite defense and rebounding team. And concerning the amount of minutes and energy Luol Deng spent this season, he would give him more rest throughout the year and some postseason rest. The personality would fit right in, and he would be a strong candidate for the 6th Man of the Year award.

So before we get a little hopeful and somewhat carried away with some Dwight Howard pipe dreams that could actually come to fruition, let’s check out my projected roster up to this point:

PG: Rose/Watson

SG: Richardson/Korver/Bogans

SF: Deng/Prince/Brewer

PF: Boozer/Gibson

C: Noah/Asik/Thomas

If we traded Noah for Kevin Martin or Monta Ellis then:

PG: Rose/Watson

SG: (Martin or Ellis)/Korver/Bogans

SF: Deng/Prince/Brewer

PF: Boozer/Gibson

C: Asik/Thomas

*Both rosters show our flexibility with tradeable wing players such as Korver/Bogans/Brewer in a package deal either for Ellis/Martin or as part of another trade…

Both rosters would contend with Miami in a Eastern Conference Final rematch. To be quite honest, we could keep the same exact team and off of individual improvement from our players, we could challenge Miami to represent the East. (Being a former player/coach I do believe in development, and the Bulls are a young and inexperienced team despite their remarkable season in retrospect).

How about Dwight Howard? It is possible to trade for him, and I believe only 2 teams in the entire league have the ammunition to make it happen. The Bulls and the Lakers. Big markets with the tradeable assets, and they would still have enough around the defensive Player of the year to be legit title contenders. I highly doubt Orlando wants to go the Raptors/Bosh route, or even the Cavs/James route for that matter.

Boozer/Asik/and whatever bench players and draft picks they want basically. It would be tougher for the Bulls to get the big man from their same conference rival, but they are equipped to at least try.

I’m thinking Boozer/Asik/Brewer/2 1st round picks (possibly Watson or a 2nd round pick as well) makes this happen. Orlando gets a starting PF/C combination, and they may want to unload Hedo or Arenas with one of their big contracts with Howard. To be optimistic about the Bulls going into a luxury tax, Arenas and Hedo can create their own shots and put the ball in the hoop. The lineup of:

PG: Rose/ (Watson or Arenas)

SG: Richardson/Bogans

SF: Deng/Korver

PF: Gibson/(Prince or Hedo)

C: Howard/ Thomas

And that’s leaving out any trade for a SG and saying we sign J-Rich. But you gotta do what you gotta do to get the best big man in the league, and it’s only a small sacrifice to throw in bench players and picks to get the future hall of fame big fella. But it goes to show you, that whatever direction the organization chooses to go, they are well prepared for any plan of attack.

Could you really go wrong with any of these lineups to help the COY and the MVP?