My Chicago Bulls Plan

Led the league with 62 wins.

Coach of the year with an MVP that is still a few years away from his prime.

Top-2 defensive team under the first season of a new defense,

2 starters missed a lot of action, and had to suddenly mesh in the postseason.

Thibs, Rose, and the Bulls unit had an outstanding run.

But rose will get better. Boozer will get healthy and in condition. Same with Noah.

Deng is our rock. Perhaps Brewer should have played more. Even Kurt Thomas.

Maybe Rasual Butler could have helped with his shooting and solid defense.

Asik will get better. Gibson will get a little better. We know what we have in Watson.

Korver fell into a slump at the wrong time, and Bogans was the starting SG.

From the coaching staff to the players, the youth and inexperience was exposed.

And that’s quite alright, because we maximized our regular season.

We under performed in the playoffs, and could have won if we hit open shots.

This is the beginning to a new Chicago Bulls era, whom exceeded any and all expectations heading into the season to begin with. Even those all-star break expectations. So they lost to a new rival with 3 of the best 4 players on the court at any given time (3 of the top 5 is debatable against some teams). Losing to a Wade or LBJ-led team is nothing to hang your heads on, let alone against the combination of the 3 elite players.

They don’t have randoms as their supporting cast either. Mike Miller is an elite shooter and good rebounder. Mike Bibby is a savvy veteran that has made a name for himself, and his role now is to make open jump shots. Haslem, won the championship with Wade 5 years ago, and simply gets to do his role as the hustle player that gets loose balls and rebounds,that sets picks, and anything he does is offense is cherry on top. Juwan Howard was on the Fab 5, made an all-star team, eh certainly can make an open mid-range shot. Big Z, when healthy, clogs the lane at 7’3 and hits from mid-range as well.

Insert a shot blocker in Anthony, a young promising guard in Chalmers, a shooting vet off the bench in Eddie House, when the big 3 scores 70+ points a night on average they should be winning games.

With a little Miami insight, how haven’t the Bulls impressed you?

Especially for Bulls’ fans, hoping they get a SG that can score?

With every Summer comes all these rumors of players to sign and trade for.

If you want the solution via draft, get Marshon Brooks from Providence. Not as great as Kobe Bryant (but who really is?), he has that playing style. He shoots fade away jumpers, is smooth on his moves to the basket, and he can hit from the perimeter. He will put his head down and defend, and he has that blue-collar on that the Bulls love out of a player, both on and off the court. Talk about a perfect fit into the SG role or coming off the bench. It would require trading into the teens to get him, but we have the ammo with multiple picks to get it done.

If you want to sign a veteran to fill the role, Jason Richardson will be on the market. He has the perimeter offense, some may have forgotten that he can still dunk the ball, and with our team defense almost anyone would fit in there. He is who most Bulls fans want, and the logical choice so i do hope it happens. He still has a few high-level years left in him.

I’;m telling you right now, don’t even think about Jamal Crawford. We exposed him, we’ve been there, and we’ve done that. He is better than his first stint with us, but he is still a black hole.

I don’t like Shannon Brown as much as these Lakers fans do, he didn’t play much for a reason. I know he’s from the area, but not a top option for us.

if you would like to view free agent options then by all means, click the link that I provided for you.

If you guys checked out Marshon Brooks or know who J-Rich is, I’m sure you would concur. I’m sure we would rather acquire one of those players than have to trade Noah for say, a Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin. I’ll stop the trading options there because, that’s where we are at today.

If we get anyone from Houston it will be Martin. If we wanted Courtney Lee we would have gotten Courtney Lee. Martin drops 25 ppg and you can’t replace points in this league. Ellis drops 23 a night, and it among the league’s leaders in steals.

And yes, I mentioned Noah because he is the most likely trading piece that we are dangling. The Rockets just got a new coach in Kevin McHale, who covets big men and would love to get his hands on Asik or Noah. Especially with Yao becoming a free agent after 3 injury-riddled seasons and a questionable future. The thing is, Noah’s salary matches up with Martin’s, Asik doesn’t make that much…yet at least.

Same deal with Ellis, and we could take a wait-and-see approach on the rip Hamilton situation, but we have options.

I gotta go eat some lunch with the family, but stay tuned for part 2 where Tayshaun Prince comes into play, and some Dwight Howard talk while we’re at it…