My Chicago Bulls Plan 3 (Parts1/2 Updated & Refined)

After weeks of discussion and debate…

If Dwight Howard were to become a Chicago Bull, he would be playing with his best friend, Carlos Boozer.

I believe all of our height, if it is traded, will be directed towards Orlando.

I am changing stances, but those other possibilities still remain.

I am fixated on the fact that Noah will not be on the Bulls, maybe this season but not the next.

Noah packaged with one of bench mob bigs, Asik or Gibson. I’m beginning to think the league values Asik more than Gibson after the postseason. To even initiate Howard conversation, it will take 2 of these bigs and then some. Definitely multiple draft picks, and perhaps 2, even 3 of our role players.

It could be difficult to swallow, but Deng may be involved. As long as the result is Rose/Howard combination in the Windy City, I’m sure another fan-favorite will be missed, but we will quickly move on in terms of contention. Meaning, Orlando would include either Hedo or Arenas in any trade for Howard. Since Howard publicly lobbied for Arenas to get more playing time, he also bashed the coach and Arenas is one of two options that could come with the big man to Chicago. Hedo, the lengthy and versatile veteran that I would prefer of the two, they both have terribly large contracts.

Even if it takes Luol Deng, add the Defensive Player of the Year on a defensive team with the league’s MVP.



After trading Noah, Asik, and picks for Howard, Orlando rebuilds their frontcourt with Noah playing his natural PF position and Asik playing center. Probably with 3 draft picks as well, 2 at least. They create some needed cap space by trading 2 big contracts.

The Bulls are in talks for a Korver + 1st round pick for OJ Mayo. Someway, somehow I hope this goes through. OJ is done in Memphis. They need to resign Marc Gasol and Shane Battier, and they chose Rudy Gay and Mike Conley over him. They traded him away at the all-star break, only for the deal to falter. Hopefully the Memphis GM gets over the bitterness of not being able to buy into his hometown Bulls, and makes a trade with them.

The Bulls are also in talks to swap picks and send Watson or Bogans to New Jersey for Anthony Morrow. This is actually the deal holding up the Mayo deal believe it or not. Chicago does not want to part ways with a shooter if they cannot get one in return. It is actually being said that Morrow was their first option last Summer over Korver (although in hindsight).

Imagine this:



Yeah, I know…

But hey, it can happen…