Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Kevin Kolb – a young quarterback that was drafted in the 2nd round, played in a handful of games, learned from McNabb and Vick, and coached by Reid and Morningweg. He revealed his youth with mistakes in limited playing time, but he flashed some promise with a few 300-yard games.

Like most players, especially quarterbacks, they need playing time.
Also, Arizona would know how hard is is to have a franchise quarterback.
With Kurt Warner, they won it all. He retires and they are in the cellar.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – a young cornerback that has made the Pro Bowl. He has solid cover skills at best right now, and is an asset in the return game on special teams.

As always, the value is debatable.
Who is taking the bigger risk here? Philadelphia.
It is very questionable to say Vick can complete 16 games and possible playoffs games.
Good teams know the valuable of a backup quarterback, let alone bad teams knowing the value of a starting quarterback.

Arizona covers their back by drafting Patrick Peterson, a better cornerback.
Would you rather have all 4 secondary players be strong with John Skelton or Derek Anderson?
Or deal with whoever the 2nd cornerback is, and having your “quarterback of the future?”

Opinions are one thing, but to blind yourself from fact and logic because someone didn’t play like Joe Montana in his short career…

Yes, there are other options, but who knows the truth about Fitzgerald and who he wants?
He is younger than Kyle Orton, and has been groomed for 4 seasons.
Orton has had ample playing time over the past few seasons, and although I like the guy, he has had only one notable season with his opportunities.