Kyle Orton to Miami Dolphins

Just saw a report saying that this is close to a done deal.

All Summer long, I have been telling my family and friends, and other sports fans, that this was going to happen. This was my prediction and it seems to be coming to fruition!

He had his best season last year, after a couple years of starting between the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos. Pairing him up with a strong running game and Brandon Marshall, and a usually stout defense, should make the AFC East even more competitive and crowd the playoff picture a little bit more.

He is a seasoned QB that can play in any weather, he is tough, and underrated. Now, I’m not saying he is elite, but he was a very good fantasy football QB last year, and will be again this year (Sleeper). As will be Kevin Kolb. Winning games is one thing, but throwing for yards and a legit WR is another for fantasy football. Marshall and Fitzgerald will be much happier this season.