Music – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa.
Summertime music. That crafty, positive vibe.
After 8 mixtapes, this is my best description of him,

He is the East-Coast Tupac in a sense, although the music focus has shifted from the Hip-Hop scene. Today is more about what you can dance too. The music I write is something you can learn from and relate to. But, some of you will hear of it and hopefully pass it along, when that time comes.

Wiz has talents and charisma further and beyond of solely being called a rapper.
He has some popular songs, but if you play an album or a mixtape when you’re cleaning the house you will vibe to it. It’s good stuff.

I think he’s quickly becoming a legend. I say that in a way, that he has the potential and that is the track he is on. To say he is great now is premature. He is great for today’s talent, and has a chance to be special. He’s already one of my all-time favorites.

This is me doing my part as a huge fan. I dig his movement, and he even has YouTube videos of an internet show of his everyday life. Here are some of my favorite tracks:

– Cameras
– Fly Solo
– No Sleep
– The Race

* Highly recommend his album “Roll Up” and his mixtape titled “Flight School,” and he just released one called “Kush & OJ.”