Sidney Rice signs with the Seattle Seahawks

I’m not a Seahawks fan, but Pete Carroll is quietly making moves over his short stint.
A young offensive line, with Jackson at QB.
With him, you are trying to control the clock, run the ball (either him or the RBs), and keep the passed simple for him (WC offense).
RBs Lynch and Forsett, a decent combination.
Sidney Rice joins Golden Tate, Mike Williams, and John Carlson.

Defensively, they have a young solid LB core with Tatupu, Hawthorne, and Curry.
And they have Trufant and Earl Thomas in the secondary.
The weakness of the team is at defensive line and filling the 2nd CB and SS positions.
Oh and btw, they made the playoffs, beat the Saints, knocked out Cutler and gave the Bears a run for their money.
Haha, no I’m not on their bandwagon, but I an acknowledge these under-the-radar teams.
They are in the NFC West ya know…