Jason Babin back in Philadelphia

Pro Bowl Defensive End, Jason Babin, has rejoined the Philadelphia Eagles via free agency. He follows defensive line coach, Jim Washburn, who brought out the best of him last season with his 12 sacks.

Honestly, as an Eagles fan, he was good in his first stint with us. I didn’t understand why we had let him go in the first place. We usually rotate players in and out of our defense, especially on the defensive line. As a rotational defensive end, Babin excelled with putting pressure on the QB and he also held his ground against the run, making a few plays in limited action.

The Tennessee Titans picked him up, and on a stout defense (similar to the Eagles), he earns a starting role and produces among the league’s best. There will always be questions with players performing in their contract year, and at the age of 31, why would a young team give him a 5-year deal?

Because he hasn’t played all that much. He has a couple seasons in him with a decent amount of snaps, but none like his role a year ago. I believe the picture became clear after Carolina resigned their young star at defensive end, Charles Johnson. Once that deal went through, you know Ray Edwards and his agent were eyeballing a similar figure.

So, for the Eagles to get a guy they need on a 5-year, $28 million contract, sounds like a win-win to me. He will provide pressure opposite of all-pro Trent Cole, with diamond in the rough Antonio Dixon and former first round pick Broderick Bunkley, creating a formidable line (under the tutelage of Washburn, the best defensive line coach in the league. We all know, a good defensive line makes the job easier for the rest of the defense, and even makes them look better than they are.