Kolb to the Desert, DRC & a pick to Philly!

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round pick to Philadelphia.
Kevin Kolb is now the face of the franchise in Arizona.
I believe it’s a win-win situation.

You cannot underestimate having a face of the franchise at the quarterback position. It is worth the price of trading a Pro Bowl, yet still unproven, DRC. They just drafted Patrick Peterson. With Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes at safety, that already forms a strong secondary. Thus, sacrifice a secondary asset and keeping your first round pick, that is a fair price in value.

Arizona is now in the hunt to win a weaker division, with the Rams rebuilding (although they should be good very soon), Seattle (being led by Pete Carroll in his short time there so far), San Francisco rebuilding as well, with just as many question marks, if not more.

As an Eagles fan I’m stoked, but I do think Kolb will be a good QB. I’m happy to finally have a second cornerback, but with Vick’s playing style, I would like to get a proven backup. My pipe dream is Vince Young for multiple purposes, but most likely Marc Bulger or Troy Smith.