New England Acquisitions

The Patriots traded a few mid-late round picks for 2 former Pro Bowlers, Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth. The Washington Redskins shipped the defensive tackle out of the NFC for a fifth round draft selection next year. The Cincinnati Bengals received a late round selection in this years draft, and another for the following draft.

The Patriots fill the void made by Randy Moss/Deion Branch, and pair up Ochocinco with Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Grodkowski, and their numerous running backs.

Haynesworth joins Vince Wilfork, Jerrod Mayo, and a young and talented defense. Devin McCourty made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. You have the safety tandem of Brandon Merriweather and Patrick Chung. The defense only needs to do so much with that high-potent offense they have, led by Tom Brady of course.

The New England front office is good at what they do, and continues to be the epitome of a franchise.