Afternoon Delights

James Jones stays in Green Bay

He is probably good enough to start elsewhere. The thing is, Green Bay loves to run plays out of 3 and 4 wide receiver sets. He is basically a third starting receiver on the team, and reloads an already high potent arsenal.

Nick Barnett

Another Green Bay Packer gets signed, but in this case to another team. Nick Barnett will now fill the void made by Paul Posluszny, starting at middle linebacker for the Buffalo Bills.

It is said that he wanted to play next to Shawne Merriman.

Daniel Graham

Tight End Daniel Graham is headed to Tennessee. He will be a veteran target for the veteran Matt Hasselbeck.

When Chris Johnson joins the team (holding out), and Kenny Britt hopefully pans out for them, they could be a thorn in in the sides of the rest of the AFC South.

Aubrayo Franklin

The free agent defensive tackle, is flying to San Francisco to negotiate. After this news, he is expected to resign with the 49ers. He is a big guy that clogs the middle, an above average player at his position (better against the run).

Dallas Cowboys

It is rumored that they have signed safety, Abram Elam. He has been a journeyman thus far, bouncing from the Jets, Dolphins, Browns, and even the cowboys a few years back.

Elam has had a rough and difficult personal life ( I absolutely hope the best for him, and to another success story…