NFL Games to Watch (Stay tuned for updates)


There are a lot of good teams, and a lot of improved teams.

I believe we will see a lot of good, competitive football this season.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 3 games of each week (debatable upon opinion), to watch this season:

Week 1

New Orleans @ Green Bay

What better way to start the new season, than to watch the last 2 Superbowl Champions square off on opening night? The Packers seem to be a total team package, with 6 starters returning to the lineup. The Saints will bring a high-potent offense and a scrappy defense to Lambeau Field.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

The black and yellow, black and yellow, Pittsburgh Steelers begin the year on the road against the rival Baltimore Ravens. Not only are the Steelers Superbowl runner-ups, but they have won a couple Championships in the past several years. The Baltimore Ravens have been on the cusp of success since their Superbowl season nearly a decade ago, and this just so happens to be one of the best rivalries. Smash mouth football.

Atlanta @ Chicago

A Bears team (a few years removed from the Superbowl) with a stout defense, improved offense, and Soldier Field that certainly reveals the meaning of home field advantage. The Falcons will take their  young and dynamic offense outdoors, with a defense that could put them on the elite level this season.

It was a close call, between this game and the AFC South matchup, where Indianapolis and Houston face off in their opener, for the 2nd straight season.  I had to go with 2 playoff teams from last season, that could find their ways back to the postseason. 

Week 2

Chicago @ New Orleans

San Diego @ New England

Philadelphia @ Atlanta

Week 3

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Green Bay @ Chicago

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis

Week 4

Pittsburgh @ Houston

NY Jets @ Baltimore

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay

Week 5

Kansas City @ Indianapolis

NY Jets @ New England

Green Bay @ Atlanta

I personally will be watching Arizona @ Minnesota. Former Philadelphia QBs Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb will be going head-to-head for the first time. Remember, Kolb was drafted and backup to McNabb for a few seasons. This should be interesting.

Week 6

Houston @ Baltimore

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Dallas @ New England

Week 7

Chicago @ Tampa Bay

San Diego @ NY Jets

Indianapolis @ New Orleans

Week 8

New England @ Pittsburgh

Dallas @ Philadelphia

San Diego @ Kansas City

Week 9

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

Green Bay @ San Diego

Chicago @ Philadelphia

Other notable games: Tampa Bay @ New Orleans, NY Giants @ New England, Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

Week 10

New Orleans @ Atlanta

Houston @ Tampa Bay

New England @ NY Jets

Week 11

San Diego @ Chicago

Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Kansas City @ New England

You might want to check out Tampa Bay @ Green Bay as well.

Week 12

New England @ Philadelphia

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City

NY Giants @ New Orleans

Week 13

Atlanta @ Houston

Kansas City @ Chicago

Indianapolis @ New England

Yes, I will be tuning into the NY Giants @ Green Bay game. But, it will get more hype than 2 of the other 3 games I have selected.

Week 14

Kansas City @ NY Jets

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

NY Giants @ Dallas

Week 15

Green Bay @ Kansas City

NY Jets @ Philadelphia

Baltimore @ San Diego

Week 16

Houston @ Indianapolis

NY Giants @ NY Jets

Philadelphia @ Dallas

Chicago @ Green Bay is a SNF game, Atlanta @ New Orleans is a MNF game, so most of us will be watching those anyways. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to sneak a couple more games in.

Week  17

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Dallas @ NY Giants

San Diego @ Oakland