I Love The Game

I Love The Game

Man, I can’t tell you how much football means to me. It’s crazy, to look up to these superstar athletes that we once were, or wanted to be, in our youth. Watching them keeps us young, and it keeps those childhood and adolescent memories in our minds. I’m cool with it, even if my career had a premature ending, and somewhat bitter. OK, definitely bitter, but how can you blame someone for losing something they love. Something they were either born into or used as a hobby. To me, and a lot of you out there, this is more than a game.

More Than A Game

More than a game, which is the title of my radio show coming soon (shameless plug), describes the passion and the emotions that you put into following football religiously. Personally, I’ve used it as a social tool, to break the ice and meet new people (and friends). I practiced all the time, learning how to work at a goal, and had to man up in adversity. I learned to take care of my part, even overcompensating for others, and I expanded my cooperation and shared the roller coast feelings each and every day. I applied what I learned from sports to my life, and it has instilled characteristics that I’m grateful to have. The 2 most important in my opinion, attitude and mentality.

The Lockout

Well, we all are well aware there was a lengthy lockout. The players and owners, back and forth, yadda yadda yadda. Let ‘s just say that it’s not the a good thing that we had to witness the ugly realities of the situation. Fans of the sport bark at a bad call, cheer when they get those touchdowns, and now we get behind the scenes to learn about financials and business. In the back of our minds, we know there’s another side than to just playing. Business is business, and this sends a very definitive message to the world. One of the largest organizations in the world, the National Football League, isn’t bigger than the economy and its hardships. I know I felt little, but all I wanted was my football.

So, I’m not sure if I believed there was a conspiracy or convinced myself for my own sake, but I felt that this lockout was staged, seriously. I mean, I’ll let you sit on that for a few after these key points:




There had been media coverage about this for awhile now, perhaps hyping the sport with an issue for attention. They told us that it would be a lengthy lockout, and will update us throughout the process. Or, their product was getting stale and they created an angle to spark interest and a reaction. Especially after the amazing season we all witnessed. They succeeded with mass attention, and the large quantity of fans just got that much bigger. I wouldn’t rule it out the question, but I’m not starting a rumor either, but it would be crazy if Vince McMahon was the root of all this (Chairman of WWE).

Whatever the truth is, it worked and I’m holding on to the pigskin tighter than ever (and I hold it down tight lol). I not only my miss Philadelphia Eagles (aka the next Superbowl Champion), but I missed the off-season and football in general. Just the fact that football would be around, and we get by with partial updates. So, what I realized, is that they created a need for the off-season, flipping it around so that we are entertained and focused on it. The sudden emphasis on a different element of the sport, proves that they have us on their strings, having to get used to everything they feel like doing because we simply can’t get enough!

Moving On

Anyways, I digress from the positivity, to something controversial that was just on my mind. I’m not making up or suggesting anything, but it is possible.

With that said, I loved the free agent frenzy, the off-season storylines, and the fact of knowing there will continue to be an NFL. Football is back and my gratitude cannot be expressed enough. I look forward to the inside scoops and position battles, seeing who becomes a star, reading countless articles and commenting on the ones that get under your skin. I feel ya.

Here’s to that record-breaking game, that stupid interception in the endzone, or that special teams miracle that wins the game as time expires. From the tough guys in the trenches, the athletes at the skill positions, and the leaders playing QB; from the coaching staff that works hand-in-hand with the front office, uniting and preparing to battle for one thing. The Lombardi Superbowl trophy is only awarded to one team every year, good luck to your teams and mine, I know we’re all ready for the ride the season will bring!

The feeling of winning it all is a dream, but only until it becomes reality.

Then, you are living the dream. I love this game!