Song Lyrics

Attention: Contains some explicit content.

This is a song of mine (Courtesy of Anno Domini)

Heavy Hitter

Verse 1:

Black, not the color but the absence of light

Might as well begin to extract what happens at night, alright

Everybody derives like it’s one at a time

Everybody single file line, the print is so fine

Tint is so prime, but the hint between lines lie

It’s ok; take a hit of this you’ll feel fine

Displaced as you congregate you don’t realize

But you know in disguise, the new world order & its lies

There’s no compromise, only alibis

Phony handful of guys, tryna take over everything that we know

Right in front of our eyes like underneath the nose

But we are too scared or blind we just let it go

Let it grow destructible

I hope you know that not one of us is invincible

So, what the fuck pop a pill & just get comfortable

Listen to whatever they say, the truth you’re gullible

Verse 2:

Take me to a place, that’s far away from where I stay

Take me astray, maybe outta state outta frame of mind

Show me the gates; I’m throwing away the plate

To accommodate for what Mary has to say

You don’t have to carry another damn complaint

Damn I ain’t, what a day

Man just wait till’ you convey

What you feel, keep it real

Tell ’em let ’em feel the same

What’s the deal? Pain it heals

Tell ’em let ’em feel amazed

Venom decimates, denim on your legs

Send ’em outta space you gotta brace without a trace

Can’t feel my face I mean your face

Now let’s just face you can’t erase any disgrace

No saving grace cuz it will chase you

All the way to the grave stand

You know what I’m sayin’ man?

Listen we ain’t playin’ man

This is not a game, fan

So take a break before you breakdown, cuz then you’ll break, damn

Don’t wait till’ it’s too late like it’s the next day you’re just a man

Verse 3:

Sweeping streets, fallen trees

The axis of symmetry is replaced by damaged geometry

Induced by the hands of the ministry

To reduce every man to withstand satanity

Broken cars, empty houses, shredded blouses

Burnt down bars, fallen stars, missing spouses

Venus/Mars, that’s the battle of the sexes

Losing existence at a rate of persistence

Money deflates at a frequent pace, such a freakin’ waste

Can’t afford toothpaste surrounded in this gate

You can feel the heat but you can’t see the flames

All you can do is scream you can’t sleep through the pain

That remains, it never changes

Still within the ranges, live a double-agent life

They give you a cage & you’re supposed to stay in

Never to be prayin’ only till’ we cry & die