Detroit Lions Hype is Premature

Sleeping Lions

Man, I told myself if I saw another post/comment about how good the Lions would/could be THIS SEASON (on any website), that I would dedicate an entry to my blog to it. Well, here it is because I can’t believe how many “hopeful” fans there are out there.

I do like what the Lions are doing, and kind of root for them because they are young and improving. But seriously, they are nowhere near being competitive enough for a division, let alone any elite team. I don’t care how hard they play or how close a game is with them, they are still one of the worst teams in the league, and are improving to catch up to the average teams. That is when you can improve to catch up to the good and elite teams of the league.

They will finish 3rd or 4th (last) in the NFC North and be where the Cardinals were before they won it with Kurt Warner, and where the Texans have been (The Texans are a team that is overdue, they have been underachieving, this might be their year by default because of the Colts downfall).

They will put up some nice offensive numbers, and their d-line is something to reckon with. They shored up their LB core, but their secondary will get handled, much like their offensive line. That weak o-line, along with Stafford’s lack of toughness, is enough to see the obvious. They will be fine without Leshoure, they still have Best, and signed Jerome Harrison, Mike Bell, and also have Maurice Morris. All will be fine in splitting time, however it is split. Calvin will always get his, Pettigrew had 800+ yards, much of that from Shaun Hill that checks down every other play. They are more than adequate at the skill and flashy positions (WR Titus Young, Nate Burleson, TE Tony Scheffler) but without an o-line, secondary, and proven/healthy QB, I won’t hesitate to burst their bubble. It’s not easy being a playoff team, and it’s “unbearable” that people continue to write off the Bears because they are just a blue-collar team. Chicago is another topic in itself. Oh by the way, the Superbowl Champions are in their division, and last time I checked, McNabb is still capable (especially with A.P. and a Leslie Frazier-run defense.

Root for Detroit, maybe even cheer them on because they are fun to watch and root for. But don’t be a “prisoner of the moment” because they are not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yet, and they are not even close to being the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NFL. Nope!