NFC Playoff Talk


The Eagles are the best team in the NFC.
Green Bay is the team to beat.
Giants and Cowboys are not as good as the public thinks they are/or will be.
Redskins are terrible. Shanahan made a mockery of an NFL team just when I thought his presence would make our division powerful.

Philly is an elite team in a division with former elite teams.
We are ahead of the Falcons, who are just catching up to us, GB, and NO.
Everyone will be monitoring the Packers, but don’t forget about the Champs before them.
Sean Payton and Drew Brees will actually have a running game this year, although their defense is mediocre.
Atlanta will still be making strides, but PHI, GB, and NO are the men amongst boys.

Dissecting the 3 NFC elite teams (imo), this is an unusual situation for GB.
I don’t think they fall into the odds game of not returning to the Playoffs/Superbowl.
Simply because they have some starters back from injuries (that we’re well aware of).
But…I don’t feel they have a good o-line, above average at best. Could be the same with us, but I’ll put it at a tie for now.
The Saints have the best o-line of the 3, but the worst defense and special teams.
I like our special teams better than GB, and expect us to improve as well (Bobby April, Higgins, maybe even S. Moss).
I do agree that GB has lost some key players, and they need Tramond Williams and Sam Shields to hold up/improve.
Their LBs are only better than ours because of Clay Matthews.
All our young LB core needs to do is play their lanes and gaps, they are sandwiched between a great d-line and secondary.
I favor our secondary and d-line over GBs, but Dom Capers over Juan Castillo.

I just feel that we (Philly) will average 27+ again this season, especially with Vick being in shape, with a starter’s mentality and reps, Howard Mudd and our o-line additions.
We will be able to stop other team’s offenses, more than they can stop ours.
Even if Vick runs less, I say we finish in the top 10 in rushing for the 2nd year in a row.

Road to the Playoffs

I’m speaking in terms of contending for a Superbowl.
I think the Bears will be tough and on the map again, and it’s “unbearable” that people overlook them.
They won their division and hosted the NFC Championship Game, improved their o-line, and signed Roy Williams who had his best season under Mike Martz.
All Cutler needs is a big WR and he got it. Not to mention their tough run game with Forte and now Marion Barber.

What I’m saying is, The Bears will be a good season team with the 9th easiest schedule in the league.

Speaking of schedules, Atlanta has the 11th easiest, and they will also be a great season team. They are probably better than the Bears, but they don’t have that experience, staff, and disrespected taste that the Bears have year in and year out (when it comes to playing the elite NFC teams).
Remember, the Bears have the Packers number for the most part, GB got the important win in the 3rd game to rep the NFC.

So, in the season those will be the 5 teams in the playoffs, along with the winner of the NFC West division (which is a complete toss up, and a topic of its own).