WWE: Nash/Punk Angle

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

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Involved: HHH, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, C.M. Punk, John Cena, John Laurenitis, Kevin Nash, Alberto Del Rio, Zack Ryder even. Also in the championship hunt/main event picture as of late Miz, Truth, Rey Mysterio.

 Since it is possible for any of these:

ADR- money in the bank briefcase, but he would not meet up with HHH let alone have access to his phone
John Laurenitis – He was seen speaking to HHH, CM Punk, John Cena, Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Nash, and I’m trying to remember if he ever came across ADR (on screen). With that said, he has been in contact with every individual involved, besides for ADR. Right now is the common denominator and is Vince’s right hand man. He is getting disrespected by everyone now that Vince is gone. He has too many motives and targets to strike.
Therefore, I see Stephanie as someone involved to some agree. Perhaps, Stephanie and John Laurenitis text messaged Kevin Nash, because they feel disrespected (Stephanie because HHH has all the attention that she would want in her father’s presence). Regardless of who’s ideas this was, they could be in on it together.
I doubt anyone outside of this circle is involved, a long shot would be Ricardo Rodriguez. The wildcard is Vince himself (will be fight for his company on tv, part of the Road to Wrestlemania).
I think there can be a corporate type of stable, that was very successful and will build up 2 matches for Wrestlemania at least, Rock vs Cena and whomever CM Punk faces, whether it’s ADR or the Miz (would love a 3-way for the belt). Yeah I know Cena and Rock are fighting for the belt, but I’m calling it the People’s Belt! And “finally!” Cena seems to be on a heal-turning path, that will be a historic moment in the WWE.
Just think about it, this is the Road to Wrestlemania, and they have been dropping those lines in promos. Besides Cena and Rock, who else will be on the biggest stage? I’m saying Miz and ADR, with a “Legend” being possibilities and at the very least, involved. (Because if they didn’t bring the veterans in to help the youngsters, Wrestlemania would be a one-match event. You know they aim for 4-star, and 5-star is dependent on the wrestlers.
I love how Raw followed up Summerslam, and the WWE seems to have awoken since the famous Punk promo(s), especially the groundbreaking first one. Although it’s killing me, the unpredictability and excitement of what’s going on reminds me of the 90s, when every week was “must-see.” Since HHH took focus and creative going old-school with heals Christian, Dolph, Punk, Mark Henry, the product has rocketed. They even sent Kofi into a time vault with his moves and athleticism, these guys are getting the spotlight and stepping their games up. They’re performing. I’m liking it!