Jeremy Maclin Update

Maclin Will Be Joining His Teammates

Maclin tells Jay Glazer of that the third-year receiver has been cleared afterundergoing tests for lymphoma.

News of the possible diagnosis came on Maclin’s birthday, May 11.  Lymph nodes were removed and tested last week, and he has received word that he does not have cancer.

Maclin told Glazer that the problem was determined to be a virus.

In April, Maclin said he had lost 15 pounds due to a “mono-like” illness.

The Eagles reportedly will be making a statement tonight regarding Maclin’s situation.

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Maclin Speaks Out

“That’s first and foremost, I want everyone to know I’m fine, I’m healthy,” Maclin said. “I was tested for everything and every single test came back negative. I don’t have mono, I don’t have AIDS, leukemia, all the things people were guessing on, there was nothing. I was being tested for lymphoma and thank GOD everything has come back negative.

“I wanted my privacy on this until I had answers. I don’t like to talk unless I have all the answers about what I’m talking about. It was frustrating to hear all the rumors about me. It wasn’t until this morning that I finally got my final answer and thankfully I’m healthy and ready to return to football.”

Maclin talked to about an hour after his final test came back negative. He surely couldn’t wait to tell everyone that he’s okay.

So what was the mysterious illness that had him sitting out so long?

“It was all caused by an inflammatory virus, something that just runs its course through your body or you can treat with medicine,” Maclin said. “I didn’t need medicine. It’s just something I had to deal with.”

“I’m blessed by GOD,” he said. “Today was a sigh of relief. They’ll release me to play football but we have to wait a little more until I’m healed from the procedure last week.

“Man, I don’t wish this on anybody. I look back at my whole life, I’ve already gone through so much. I already appreciate where I am and appreciate the game of football. I can’t wait to get back out there and just resume my normal life.”

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Football Fans

As an Eagles fan, you bet I’m happy to get this starting wide receiver back onto the field. The youngster is on the cusp of a Pro Bowl appearance, another weapon in Vick’s arsenal.

But this is more than that, more than football. This is about a person that faced adversity. Wouldn’t you be scared for your life (literally) if you had a cancer scare? I am happy for Jeremy Maclin and his family from a personal standpoint. He is an individual first, football player second. This is extraordinary news that now allows him to turn his focus to this upcoming season.