Eagles Preseason

1st Half (Starters vs. Steelers – 2nd Preseason Game)

I watched every play 3-5x each, and weakside linebacker Chaney got pushed around tonight. Middle linebacker Matthews actually played solid and played his gaps and got off of blocks. He showed his intelligence on protecting the middle instead of getting sucked up to the QB on broken plays. No, he didnt stand out but i made it a point to watch the linebackers tonight. Fokou was just there, did nothing really. Chaney had a couple tackles but was hit/miss and mostly miss. He and Nate Allen were the weak spots of our defense tonight. Cornerback Samuel gave up that touchdown, but it was Nate Allen who didn’t go through with the blitz. The offense was nothing to talk about (positively), except that running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy is legit, he is good and shifty.

It’s halftime, the starters are done for the evening. No, it’s not a big deal that Michael Vick threw 3 interceptions in the 2nd preseason game. If he does that week 1 against the St. Louis Rams, then I might be somewhat concerned.

Unless you are a rebuilding team, the preseason is what it is, an opportunity to make the roster while getting the starters playing time and up to game speed. I wouldn’t be too worried about tonight’s lackluster performance, the Steelers were ready to put that Redskins game on the back-burner (it’s preseason, but teams still compete out there).