Terrelle Pryor

Only Player Selected in the Supplemental Draft

Terrelle Pryor, a quarterback rumored to be a wide receiver in the NFL, has been the NFL’s top story this weekend, and on this Monday. He is now an Oakland Raider. Rumors are rumors, and it is also been reported that they view him as their future quarterback. That’s what I believe he will be, the face of their franchise. I think they’ll give it a shot, but whether it works out or not is a different story and debate.

Say what you will about the kid, but he is 6’6 230 lbs. and runs a forty-yard dash in 4.33 seconds. He is a physical specimen.

I guarantee you that, if Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots got ahold of this guy, everyone would be gushing over such a marvelous move.

But no, since it’s Al Davis and the Raiders, it can’t be and it will backfire on them, right?

I don’t understand the fascination of ragging on the Oakland Raiders, but it is what it is.

Jason Campbell could be looking over his shoulder during the team’s week 8 bye week, with a possibility or Pryor taking over that early.