Two-Cents on Tim Tebow

What Did Tebow Do?

The 2nd year quarterback out of Florida has been ridiculed unnecessarily. What is the purpose of all this negative publicity? The guy has done nothing controversial or questionable, he has simply moved on from college to the pros like every other athlete/player in their respective sports.

Sure, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick deserved everything that came their way. Tiger Woods, Pete Rose, and even Kobe Bryant, stood up like men and did what they had to do.

McNabb’s Media Predecessor?

Tim Tebow had become the new Donovan McNabb. Great career in Philadelphia, he is a winner and is Hall of Fame material (although debatable, to be in the conversation manifests his value). Since he had an unfortunate pit stop in Washington with Mike Shanahan and a forgettable season, McNabb is now out of the limelight and in a better situation than he was in the previous season. He inherits the best running back in the game in Adrian Peterson. And besides Tom Brady, since he came into the league he has done more with less than any other QB has on their resume. He is a family man, religious, laidback, and confident in his abilities.  At least some fans acknowledge what he has done in the past, even if he hasn’t won a ring (how many teams are happy every year? One, period.)

Those characteristics can also describe the player known as Tim Tebow, except he has only started 3 games in his rookie season. The guy went 1-2 and had the team playing more competitively than in previous games. A player has to start somewhere. You, if you have a settled career or have ever been promoted, have you always been in that position? How do you get a promotion? Hmm…you get a chance to perform, and that opportunity allows you to grow in your profession and as a person.

Model QB

You don’t have to like someone, but I don’t understand feeble attempts to put someone down. Perhaps because he isn’t the “model quarterback?” Let’s see, there are a few “model quarterbacks” in the league in: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees. They also happen to be elite players in the NFL. They don’t just grow on trees and become available. There are some, but not many, on the same track:

Philip Rivers (MVP candidate)

Matt Ryan (3rd overall pick in2008)

Sam Bradford (1st overall pick of 2010 draft)

Matthew Stafford (1st overall pick in 2009).

Tim Tebow (25th overall pick in 2010 draft)

Compared to Kyle Orton

Tim Tebow started 3 games as a rookie, backup up the emerging Kyle Orton. Tebow was drafted by Josh McDaniels. McDaniels was the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, and became the head coach of the Denver Broncos. He went to Denver and traded their 2 best offensive players, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. He somewhat groomed Kyle Orton over the duration of last season, and got fired as he left the team with a 4-12 record. He now gets to coach Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson in St. Louis as their offensive coordinator.

Back to the famous/infamous/whatever you want to call him, football player/quarterback, Mr. Tebow. So, why does Orton get more recognition after going 3-10 as opposed to Tim’s 1-2 record at the end of last season? It’s ok to like Orton better, I think we all can agree that he is a better option at this point and still improving. Tebow didn’t draft himself into the NFL, it was an NFL franchise that drafted the kid late in the 1st round (regardless of how you personally feel).

Different/Original Talents

In a league with different and original talents, you have quarterbacks like Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, Josh Freeman, Eli Manning, and even Bret Favre (who is currently retired) are not ideal quarterbacks. Ideal, is what the media perceives and what the public chooses to prefer. You can like whoever you want, and that’s exactly what teams do, they have their favorites.

New Regime in Denver

Speaking of favorites, the Denver Broncos have a new G.M. and a new head coach going into this season. Former Broncos QB and Hall of Famer John Elway is the G.M., and former Carolina Panthers coach John Fox is the head coach. This new regime inherited most of the team, and that includes Tim Tebow. The team has a capable veteran QB in Orton, a young veteran QB in Brady Quinn, and they are high on a QB that they signed Adam Weber. That’s ok, so what if he isn’t at the top of your depth chart? A new regime in Denver that feels Orton is their man to lead the way, you aren’t committed to Tebow obviously. Trade or cut the guy if that’s the case.

What’s Wrong With Different?

He is just another unorthodox player that has humbled confidence in his preparation and abilities. There are complaints about the attitudes and too much “swagger” nowadays, how do you ridicule some kid so much as the media does? Teams make questionable moves all the time, whether it’s by draft/trade/free agency. This is a player heading into his 2nd season at the highest level possible, much like players on your team, fighting for a roster spot, trying to improve, trying to be the best, adapting to the lifestyle, etc.

No excuses, you perform and you most likely play. There are circumstances where a player is held back or doesn’t get the recognition because of how bad his team is. In this case, you have a kid that played 3 games and is having growing pains. No, he didn’t get a D.U.I., didn’t get charged for assault, nothing at all. Just football. The media is going to do what they do, but you don’t have to partake in a slighted perspective.

My Two-Cents

My personal take on Tim Tebow: Like many young players, he is a work in progress at the most important/glamorous  position in the NFL. He has a tradition of winning and doing whatever it takes. Whether it’s a clear-cut victory or an ugly win, that’s what he did in college. Now, he has to perform at the highest level possible. Let the guy compete like every other player and live his dream.

Hmm…no one wants to talk about:

Who Denver picked 2nd overall in the draft…I’ll tell you, linebacker Von Miller.

Can the Broncos compete for the division?

Can Kyle Orton take his game to another level to lead this team to victories?

Is their defense more than the popular Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins?

How much will Willis McGahee be used?

Is Knowshon Moreno a starting running back? Is he turning his career around after a shaky start (with work ethic and attitude).

Wrapping Up

Nope, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha (replace Marsha with Tebow and you get the point). When it comes to the Denver Broncos, the nation knows them for Tim Tebow. He is the face of the franchise without taking a snap with the starters. He is arguably the 3rd or 4th QB on the depth chart at this point, yet he is all people talk about. Why give him more publicity if you don’t like him? lol.

What a world we live in these days. Pointing fingers at someone that continues to be better than you if you’re one of those shameless critics. Football is one thing, and the verdict is still out on him as a player, but to rag on a player for being a good guy, expressing his belief in God, and refusing to lower to the media’s level, is flat out sad and unnecessary.

Think about it.