Eagles Preseason Notes

Following the Browns Preseason Victory

Running Backs LeSean McCoy, Ronnie Brown, Dion Lewis (rookie), those 3 makeup one of the best/deepest positions on the roster.

They all can make something happen when they have nothing.
They just make people miss, and even Ronnie has a burst in open space.
With that said, it seems like we are working on our power running game and taking what is there.

Remember, we get all over arty and Vick for going for the home run too much?
Yesterday, we ran real west coast offense, and the Cleveland back 7 on the defense was giving us space and daring us to run/take what was there.
That’s great, working on something new to us, this is what the Patriots, Colts, and Saints do.
We didn’t get the WRs involved much, but they are usually involved in the gameplan come regular season.
Sometimes boring is necessary, and fundamentals are key (drafting a OL in the 1st rd. and throwing short/checkdowns in preseason).

Our o-line seems ahead in our rush offense than in passing, giving our RBs some decent space last night.
We already know what we have with Vick and the WRs (when healthy), and if teams are going to give us space we have to be patient and take what’s there until they make the mistake of sucking up.
If I’m defending this defense and you’re not a fan of getting beat by the blitz (like McDermott in Carolina continues to show he’s not) then you have you 4 DL rush and drop the LBs back to aid the secondary and hope for a forced pass into coverage (like Vick’s 3 picks vs. Steelers)

Beyond this, any worries or concerns about not playing like last yr. is premature and pigeonhole sighted.
It’s all about the big picture and the ultimate goal, and as fans you either need to develop that understanding or you will be a “prisoner of the moment” and contradict yourself a few weeks later.