Eagles O-line Rebuttal

Stats & Facts

The o-line wasn’t that good last year either.
They were 2nd in total offense, 5th in rushing, 9th in passing, and 3rd in scoring with 27 ppg.
Sure, they have a mediocre o-line, but so did the Superbowl teams of GB and PIT.
Those teams have the defenses to be legit contenders, hence why Philly made those offseason moves.
Keep in mind, Philly was terrible in the redzone, but they had the 12th ranked defense in football.
(14th vs pass and 15 vs rush).

Preseason is getting more hype than usual because of the lockout and anticipation.
So, the flaws are magnified.
The season is a roller coaster regardless, but this team is in prime position to reach their destination.
Now, like everybody else, they have to perform.
Returning playoff teams from last year have an edge on those that didn’t make it, but I’m stoked and cannot wait for week 1!!