State of the Philadelphia Eagles

Offensive Line

You guys are simply overreacting.

After we play (and probably defeat) the Rams week one:

– Some of you will assume all is well and good and be a prisoner of the moment

– Others will say it was the Rams and not the Packers or Saints

The Scoop

These guys didn’t come from regular jobs and start learning football.

There are rookies that can start right away, and others that make an impact.

Word is Mudd is the best in the business.

He is simply new to Philly and none of you looked back at his Indy career in detail.

Whether you are pro-Mudd or against…

Jeff Saturday – Pro Bowl Center

Tarik Glenn – Pro Bowl Left Tackle

He developed solid/good starters in his system to keep Peyton Manning upright: Ryan Lilja, Jake Scott, Ryan Diem, Tony Ugoh, Charlie Johnson

 Offensive Line Coach: Howard Mudd

In Mudd’s last season with the Colts (2009), the Colts allowed the fewest sacks in all of football with only 13. The Packers allowed 51 sacks, Steelers 50 sacks, and our Eagles 38.

The season before (in 2008) the Colts were 4th, only allowing 17 sacks.

In 2007, the Colts were 7th allowing 23 sacks.

2006 they were first, giving up 15 sacks.

2005, they were first again. They gave up 20 sacks that season.

2004 (our Superbowl season in which we gave up 37 sacks) they tied for 1st with 14 sacks allowed.

2003 they were 3rd with 19 sacks given up.

2002 they were 4th with 23 sacks.

Some Insight

You do realize we have had some great players int he trenches. With Howard Mudd’s resume, he truly is the best at what he does because no other team was in the top 5 as many times as the Colts have been when Mudd was there. I think this man knows what he is doing, but a lot of you choose to voice your empty concerns because we have rookies actually starting for us (which is a rarity).

Juan Castillo was regarded as a good offensive line coach with players such as: Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan, Hank Fraley, Jamal Jackson, Jon Welbourn, Jermaine Mayberry, Shawn Andrews, Todd Herremans, and Jason Peters to name a handful.

Not because those players are on our favorite team, but they are better than the aforementioned Colts’ players (at least in terms of league recognition).

Reid already has a 27 ppg offense with Marty and Vick at the helm. We allowed the 2nd most sacks last season with 50.If it makes you feel any worse, we actually tied for 2nd with the Panthers and Cardinals.

By those sack totals alone, and for fun throw in our LAST ranked redzone defense, a team that won the division and hosted a playoff game can only go UP.


In Mudd’s first season as offensive line coach with Indianapolis, his unit allowed 38 sacks.

1998 was also Castillo’s first season as the Eagles offensive line coach. In that duration, here are our offensive line’s sacks allowed totals:

42, 37, 50, 45, 56, 38, 47 (SB season), 29, 40, 37, 48, 44, and 39.

(To Castillo’s credit, he has helped produce several Pro Bowl selection along his units).


We added Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, and Donald Lee at the skill positions, to an already electric and elite offensive unit.

Talk about excitement. The amount of weapons along with Vick’s continued development is going to give defenses nightmares.

The Philadelphia Eagles have never had a more talented and complete arsenal at an offensive coordinators disposal.

Home Stretch

So, I have dedicated some time to look up some facts to give us all a perspective on why he was brought here.

Sure, he has a different scheme, but the biggest difference I see with his scheme is that it produces elite units that keep quarterbacks upright.

There will always be debates and some stubborn individuals that feel they have all the answers, to you I say you don’t and you’re not on a teams staff.

Players play and coaches coach, it is their time, energy, and thought process that is put in every single day.

If you have played or coached in sports, you know this.

This is the NFL, that whole thing about getting familiar with each other defensively is the media perception.

We’re not starting 11 rookies on defense, and we didn’t just sign a bunch of slouches.

We went out and got high-caliber performers/Pro Bowl players to plug and play in their respective roles. Some, have the versatility to expand the horizons and will do so this season (Ala Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie playing in the slot similar to Charles Woodson).


Over the past few years, we accumulated the best defensive line coach, special teams coach, and offensive line coach. You win in the trenches and special teams makes a difference.

I strongly believe our rookie kicker and rookie punter will perform as if they are young veterans immediately, they are good at what they do.

I hope you read all of this and process it through. Especially, if you are an Eagles die hard fan like myself.

I’m not predicting a Superbowl like Rex Ryan or saying we’re going to go 16-0.

What I’m saying is, as fans, we need to stay home and keep it real. We keep letting outside sources insert negative perceptions magnify them. There is always going to be an issue here and there, just remember the Superbowl game between Green Bay and Pittsburgh had 2 of the most mediocre offensive lines in the entire league. It can be said that the Eagles actually overachieved last season.

Well, I call it good coaching (say what you will about the time management, but it happens and even coaches continue to learn). In general we are a winning team and franchise.

Even good teams start rookies, hence the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, and Colts.

The front office and coaches do their homework year around (not only in the offseason). Coaches coach and give their players a shot to perform under the lights. They do this for a living, they don’t just think about topics as they come up like us fans do. They buy groceries, houses, cars, and clothes just like us, and this is their form of income.

I hope you read this and remember this, but I’m sure it will go unread to most and fall on some deaf ears.

I love my Eagles and as a die hard fan I tell you, we are in for a great run and have a legit opportunity to hoist that Lombardi Trophy.