Message to Eagles Fans

To Skeptical (and impatient) “Eagles fans”

You are itching because week one is around the corner and you don’t have the answers to make you comfortable.
I’ll give you an answer, we are an elite team in every aspect simple as that.
Offense: 27 ppg, added Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, Donald Lee, Vick studied, Howard Mudd is the best at what he does
Defense: Washburn is the best at what he does and Trent Cole finally has help across the board. Secondary is prime, Coleman looks like a diamond in the rough.
Special Teams: Rocca wasn’t great and Akers choked more times than not in clutch situations in his career. He is a good guy but you need to separate support for production.Henery never choked in College and is money so far and we have never had a mentioned punter. Our coverage and return units are elite.

Questions? Sure, but who doesn’t have them?
Last year’s Super Bowl had 2 of the mediocre OL in the NFL
Eagles: Playoff team, serious contender, great talent and staff.
What you should do: Enjoy the ride and watch how the young players develop. We have a nice combination of young and proven veterans with the youth.

Worried? Not as an Eagles fan.
Worried? Probably as a fan of another NFC East team (like half my friends are) and if I’m a rebuilding team with this shortened offseason.

Chill out, the Packers were not consistent or impressive as a whole last regular season, and the Patriots went undefeated and didn’t get the job done.
So much happens during the year, players breakout and injuries happen. So you adapt.

Once you realize these are grown ass men doing this everyday for a living, and we didn’t pick up James Thrash or Mark Simoneau or other slouches, we added rookies and Pro Bowlers on both sides of the ball. Preseason means more to the Bengals and the Lions as opposed to the Eagles and the Patriots.

There is a line of negativity and reality and if you still live in Philly, you don’t realize when you cross it. You actually don’t know the meaning of those 2 words, you combine a part of reality with negativity instilled in a Philadelphia fan. Out ehre in San Diego, everyone is afraid or picking the Eagles, and you guys are uncomfortable with the target and the hype. Make up your damn minds whether you want to build our roster by draft or by trade/free agency. Our staff has you running wild because you can’t get a grasp of everything and choose to poke holes for no reason, when the voids are mostly filled. We’re not going to get 24 starting Pro Bowlers (11-O / 11-D / K & P)

Quick Hit

My friends that are Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Packers, Falcons, and Bears fans (all NFC teams fyi and die-hard fans) are all giving Philly more credit than you “Eagles fans”

San Diego may not be the best homer town, and it isn’t by any means, but there are fans of every team out here and I’ll tell you guys one more time, you really act like a teen. Yeah, there will always be an issue or need in a league of parity, but damn even the “hate” I get for my Eagles comes with respect and I’m happy outside this shitty bubble of feedback that people realize how great Andy Reid is and our franchise is in general. Not everyone can win the Super Bowl, only one team and that doesn’t fall on one man or 2 or 3, but a great team and a great staff that trust each other and go all out.

We’re on our way, who’s coming on Eagles flight to the Superbowl this season?
I feel we can/will win every season and the electricity is in the air. I’ll go on this ride alone if I have to, don’t mind me.