Philly Eagles Roster and Prediction

Final Roster Comment

I wanted to keep Landri over Laws.
Thornton is on the roster.
I’m a little baffled by keeping 11 DBs, I want to keep Asante and think we will, it just catches my attention that we kept 6 CBs. Not to jump on the paulman train, but Asante for Briggs? Probably not. Anyways…

Here We Go…

Whether you are in favor of what the franchise is doing, or poking at the minor holes and ignoring the strengths, you have no idea what is about to hit you!

This team will be rolling out the gate with 2 dome victories. STL is a work in progress and ATL doesn’t have the defense and I’ll bet on us in every dome game we play with this squad.
Continue our win streak against the Giants who are decimated with injuries at home, and taking care of business vs the 49ers at home to go 4-0.
Back to back road games against the Bills and what I think is the worst team in the NFL the Redskins, and we are 6-0 heading into our bye week.

Coming off our bye week, we have 3 straight home games, starting with Dallas. Andy Reid/bye week…need I say more?
Then we host the Bears who have more issues than bright spots, and then rude hospitality for the Cardinals and the return of Kevin Kolb. 9-0.

We plat at the Giants, which most likely will be a slug fest, but their defense is not even close to being what it used to be, and Eli tosses the ball to the opposition. 10-0

Toughest game of the season, it’s a home game against the Patriots. To be honest I usually like what they do every year, but I think they half-assed this offseason and are depending on too many unproven/young players for success. At least we added Pro Bowlers, so this could go either way, and since you think I’m bullshitting and being a homer I’ll make this an L for your sake. 10-1.

At Seattle, at Miami, host the Jets. All wins, the Jets will be coming back down to earth from their overachieving and could possibly finish 8-8. They don’t have anything offensively to make a defense worry, and the defense is good but not great, and are a top scoring team. Victory to 13-1.

We finish at Dallas and host Washington, who knows if these games will even matter. If they count, and there is a race for the top 2 seeds and a bye week by this point, I’ll go with a split because I respect what Dallas has offensively. Their offensive line is ugly but you guys would complain if I only gave us one loss, but keep in mind their defense is not good and Rob Ryan is not what Jerry Jones thinks he will be. Hate on Wade Phillips, but he is a good defensive coordinator, just not a good head coach.

If the Redskins game matters at all, it’s a win.
If the Redskins game holds no meaning, it’s a win.
Our backups are better than their starters and we’ll still edge them out because they are arguably one of the worst teams in the league (like I said I think they are the worst).

14-2 with home field advantage, awaiting some unlucky wildcard winning opponent.
Then we will most likely go head to head with the Packers or the Saints, whoever survives…

Bring on the winner of the Chargers/Steelers AFC Championship game and Andy Reid gets that gorilla off of his back.
Every Eagles fan cheers for joy like a kid at Christmas and the franchise, Reid, Vick, offensive line, defense, linebackers, all get their due respect and bring us the Lombardi that we have been longing for.

The Eagles will be landing!

Strap up!!