Saints Reality Check

Opening Game

Packers and Saints brought it.
I have to watch the replay, but based off reviews, highlights, NFL Live, NFL Network, and Mike & Mike, it was awesome. I’m recording the replay at 10am, since I missed the whole game due to a Southwest (region) Blackout (S. California, Arizona, New mexico, and parts of Mexico as well).


One thing that goes unnoticed in the public eye, until I heard it by some football shows, that the Saints choke and have an obvious weakness on their team. 3rd and short, and 4th and short
Pressure on the QB, can’t make the big play, even if you only need a yard or 2.
Those are the issues that are magnified in Philly for failures, but what about the Saints? They get excused for having a miracle and memorable Superbowl season. The Saints, a great season team but they are not as elite as everyone wants them to be.

Let’s elude their defense from this conversation, they are not worth mentioning beyond this statement (lol).

Great game indeed, just had to get that off my chest because, the Saints are one of the darling teams int he league and my team is scrutinized for the one year we actually spend and use our cap space. Check the roster and you’ll see a team full of draft picks, but it’s cool I embrace that target personally. We have the best o-line coach in the entire league, but yet we get questions because we don’t have the standard QB and we don’t have the veteran o-line, sure that’s fair, I agree. Plus, the Saints won the game we haven’t, but there’s a certain point where the past is the past, remember that “what have you done for me now” cliche? I’m just going to point out how one of America’s teams compares to my fav. team in a sense, but overall is not on my team’s level (as stated in a previous article,

That’s why they play the games though, so we’ll all have to let their actions on the field speak!

I’m excited. This season is highly anticipated.

How can you not be pumped up for football season, especially after watching that first game?!