Chad Ocho Cinco Tweet Reaction

Hot Topic

After a heated debate with some people close to me, one of them summed this situation up perfectly. The media got what they wanted, and made a story and sparked a reaction.

I feel it’s a non-story, and nothing that really matters. But the point is, since it’s all over television, it’s a hot topic. Two former New England Patriots players teamed up and hit Ocho Cinco high and low, Belichick and Brady took the high road as usual, and Chad has been quiet. Flipping through the sports channels, the topic is still getting reactions, and the reactions are even sparking more reactions lol.

My Take:

Not everyone has to be the same person. Sure, I wouldn’t want any player/teammates talking on twitter (offseason maybe), or anything to that nature. One little comment and the Patriots are in the public eye, and you know they like to keep their heads down, do their work, and negate attention. So yes, Chad is learning the Patriot way.

I understand what Bruschi was doing, it’s all psychology. He is still connected with the Patriots as an ambassador and is simply, setting the standard and the tone by calling Ocho Cinco out on national television. So now, it’s a big deal. I guess Chad got what he wanted…attention! So Harrison chimed in on a softer note, but remember, these are old school mentalities with lunch-pale attitudes. And maybe they’re right, a grown man shouldn’t be gushing like a kid, and should realize he is part of it now. It’s not Cincinnati and you’re on a legit Superbowl contender, and stuff just got serious. Now he knows, and he’ll be fine.

Die-Hard Fan Perspective

I would accept this overreaction with open arms, or with unconditional respect, if the source was credible. Tedy Bruschi, undoubtedly a good player and leader, only speaks passionately about his beloved Patriots. If he shed his robotic image about various topics throughout the league and concerning other teams, then I might hop on this story’s bandwagon. I understand where his heart is at and he wants nothing but success for his former team, but on t.v. he’s not an ambassador he is an analyst. If he focused on his new profession he would be more credible, I refuse to believe being a former player brings you credibility as an analyst as if you were doing it for years. No, you played for years and you can share your knowledge about the game, but when you give a passionate reaction/breakdown about one of the other 31 teams in the league, then I’ll listen and respect it.

Chad was complimenting and sharing the oohs and awes of a record-setting game by a Hall of Fame quarterback. It was week one of the regular season, and he didn’t go off predicting a Superbowl or to celebrate when he scores. He wasn’t being controversial not giving bulletin board material to opponents. Who doesn’t gear up to play the Patriots week in and week out?

Nonetheless, I don’t think Chad will be tweeting about his team anymore. Maybe about other stuff, but probably not about New England and the football team lol. It’s funny, the guy gets chewed out for giving a compliment, and getting accused of not knowing the playbook. If you’re on t.v. you’re not on the field (unless you make an appearance on some show).

I’ll be tuning in tonight for the special on NFL Network about Bill Belichick!

Cool, now we can move on to something that actually matters lol…