Eagles Lose Again

Players still have to play. My damn eagles are soft and too busy looking around for someone to make a play. Finally, when Asante samuel takes a pick 6 to the house, our offense has its worst game of the season. The defense can only do so much when Vick & company go 3 and out. Not to mention that we have a suspect defense in the 1st place.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m confused as a fan because we’ve made deep playoff runs with lesser talented teams. This season, we’re top 3 in offense and scoring, and our defense was actually ranked 12th coming into this game. It’s the same issues: Vick holds the ball too long, Reid/Marty hate to run despite having the league’s leading rusher in Shady McCoy, and when it comes to to crunch time, they fold. I would love to play poker against them.

With that said, I love my team, it just feels like the universe has been tilted. After today, we will be 2 or 3 games out of the wildcard picture (trailing Detroit and Chicago), and 3 or 4 games behind the Giants in the NFC East division. Philadelphia still has a chance and all you have to do is get into the postseason, but they have to play MUCH BETTER FOOTBALL in every aspect of the game.