Great Day of Football

There were a great slate of games scheduled today, many of which came down to the final minutes.

On Thursday night, the raiders and the Chargers rivalry took center stage. The show was stolen by rookie wideouts Denarius Moore (OAK) and Vincent Brown (SD). The ground game worked for both teams, but the raiders took the division lead in San Diego with their pressure on Philip Rivers (or lack of an offensive line).

I liked how the Bengals stood up to the Steelers, especially after falling behind in the first half. They could have folded and deferred to their historic superior rival, but they went head-to-head and I’m looking forward to the next time these teams clash. The veteran Steelers got the best of the young Bengals today.

Another division game, this one  in the Georgia Dome. The Saints went marching in with an early lead, and the Falcons battled back to force overtime. Their comeback fell short on 4th and one, and the Saints kicked the field goal for a road win in the division.

The Rams and Browns fought for a win, although some of you may think they fought to give the game away. Another strong effort by the workhorse Stephen Jackson, and the Rams pulled this one out.

Tebow and the Broncos ran the whole game, and are probably running through the Chiefs’ minds still. Tebow completed 2 passes, and the Chiefs surrendered their tie for the division lead. Denver has a chance to win the AFC West and make the playoffs after a dismal 1-4 start.

The Cardinals went to Philly and beat the Eagles. The halted the high-powered offense and let Larry Fitzgerald play-make his way to victory. The Eagles continue to be inconsistent and a disappointment.

In a blowout, the Titans went to Carolina and Chris Johnson got back on the right track. It was his day and Matt Hasselbeck continues to perform at a high level. Cam Newton needs help on both sides of the ball, simple as that.

The Jaguars beat the Colts in a sleeper. The game was locked up with a field goal by each team for awhile, then Mo-Jo found his groove and the Colts remain defeated.

In a game that both teams needed, the Cowboys put up 44 points at home, while stuffing the Bills offense to a touchdown and little else. DeMarco Murray is the next big thing and Rob Ryan got his defense geared up to shut down Chan Gailey and the Bills offense. Very impressive and dominating victory for Big D.

People can talk about Green Bay, but the next best team is the Houston Texans and I don’t think it’s close. These 2 are the class of the NFL. Houston went to Tampa Bay and well, they win convincingly yet again without Andre Johnson. The running game is a slow death to opposing defenses, and the offense has too many contributors. The Buccaneers are consistently inconsistent and even they have no idea who they are.

Right now, the Bears are taking it to the Lions. Can I say it? “They are who I thought they were!” I’m sorry,  was one of the first people on the Lions bandwagon, 4 years ago. This season, I applaud them for their hot start and it gives them playoff hopes. But, I view them as a marginal team that has improved but won’t make the playoffs. Of course I could be wrong, it won’t be the first nor the last time. I’m curious to see if they can make this a game, down 20-3 in the Windy City. The Bears continue to fly below the radar and carry their momentum, as they have strung together 3 in a row looking for their 4th.

Baltimore Ravens, they continue to play to their level of competition. They are down 19-7 after one half of football in Seattle. The Seahawks are a question mark every week. They beat the Giants but lost to the Browns. At least the Ravens are in the playoff hunt.

A slug fest is going on between the 49ers and Giants. This game is approaching halftime with a score of 9-6. Harbaugh is clearly coach of the year at this point, while Eli Manning is making a name for himself this season in his brother’s absence. This is a big game for the NFC playoff picture down the road, quite possibly for a first-round bye and even home field advantage (if Green Bay ever comes back to earth).

Speaking of the Packers, they play against the Vikings tomorrow on Monday Night Football. Obviously, most people are betting on Green Bay to stay undefeated.