The Week of QBs (Named Matt)

This week, the quarterbacks in the NFL (named Matt) take center stage, as they usually do.

Now, I don’t feel bad for teams that suffer injuries, that’s part of the game and it happens unfortunately. But, I do feel bad for the individual players that do go down to injury.

This weekend, we learned some surprising news that  QBs Matt Cassel and Matt Schaub are most likely done for the season.

This opens the door for Matt Leinart to revive his career by getting an opportunity to play for the injured Matt Schaub.

He has a couple motivators from recent years:

– Tom Brady filled in as the Patriots quarterback when Drew Bledsoe went down. We all know how his career turned around, he is a multiple Superbowl Champion and MVP, not to mention future Hall of Famer.

– Some success stories to a lesser degree, he could put himself into the aforementioned shoes of Matt Schaub and Matt Cassel. Schaub performed well in limited time in the absence of Michael Vick back in Atlanta, and he got traded for 2 second round picks, and the teams flip-flopped first round picks. Matt Cassel got his chance when Tom Brady went down, and although the Patriots missed the playoffs that season, he led them to 10 wins and got traded with LB Mike Vrabel for a second round pick (some think the Patriots gave their former  front office associates a discount, but moving forward).

– You can include Kevin Kolb as well, although the results would be premature in that situation. Kolb supplanted Donovan McNabb and preceded Michael Vick in Philadelphia. Before he lost his opportunity to a concussion, he had a handful of games under his belt and the potential got him traded for a second round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He is now the starting QB for the Arizona Cardinals (with John Skelton playing well the last 2 games, that is also debatable).

Hey, new Chiefs’ starter Tyler Palko has the same opportunity.

The kid has a chance so let’s see what he can do, starting this week in a big AFC West game against the Denver Broncos and another controversial QB situation, with Tim Tebow. The AFC West is wide open at this point, who wants it?

Rounding this off with another Matt

Titans and QB Matt Hasselbeck have a golden opportunity to steal the AFC South division. Now don’t get me wrong, I ranked the Texans as the best team of the AFC, and the best in all of football only second to the undefeated and reigning Superbowl Champs in Green Bay. I actually though Houston was the only team in Green Bay’s class, despite playing without LB Mario Williams and WR Andre Johnson. It’ll be interesting to see how they finish the second half of the season out.

As for the Titans, with Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning absent from the division race, and with the jaguars rebuilding this season, they have every chance and no excuses for not competing for the division and a playoff berth. Matt Hasselbeck was played exceptionally well this season, and RB Chris Johnson returned to form last week just when they needed him to.

Things were interesting before, and they just got even more interesting. Don’t you just love football?