DeSean Jackson & Vincent Jackson

These 2 guys are outstanding wide receivers. They are both going through their own respective issues and have disappeared from games this season, for whatever the reasons may be. At the end of the season, they both will become free agents, but the Eagles and the Chargers have the option of using the “franchise tag.”

I think this is a perfect trade scenario.

The Eagles are on the average to smaller side of wide receivers, and the Chargers are on the bigger side. Vincent Jackson can get the jump balls and go across the middle with consistency. DeSean Jackson can be the deep threat and gadget playmaker the Chargers have been missing. When satisfied, these 2 are as explosive and dependable as they come, but they haven’t quite reached the levels of Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson. These guys are looking for those type of paydays, and they might get elite offers from some of the weaker teams, but in terms of rank they are somewhere between second and third tier. Not as far as talent and potential because those could also backfire, but from their performance and character.

A trade is unlikely to occur, but if both teams can make a transition to acquire a similar talent, a change of scenery appears to be needed for the players and teams.