NFL Analysts/Commentators

I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll give you a few names to watch and observe.

I don’t understand why, some not all, former players are bitter and want the players of today to go through what they went through, or play like they played.

Cris Carter. What does he bring to the table? He said Calvin Johnson was not an elite receiver, not in the top 7 (I recall him naming 7 players he thought were better). I have yet to hear something worth my time from this guy, he is as delusional as they come on ESPN (or what I like to call, BSPN).

Kordell Stewart. He makes absolutely no sense in his power rankings and his perspective on Tebow is skewed because he wants him to play different positions like Kordell “Slash” Stewart himself did. Sorry Slash, you were a physically gifted athlete but not everyone has to have the same story. You sound bitter that he has an opportunity to start because he was a first-round pick. The kid didn’t draft himself, and he runs just as much as you did on the field.

Chris Collinsworth has some insight and knowledge of the wide receiver position, I respect that much. Just don’t expect this guy to announce a game with excitement and keep you entertained on Sunday Night Football.

Monday Night Football. I like Mike Tirico, he is one of the best calling any sport. I just can’t stand Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski. I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and I appreciate that these 2 like Andy Reid and the City of Brother Love, but they are so full of it when the lights are on and America is watching. I don’t want to question their knowledge 0f the game, but all they do is over-hype everything. Just picture your favorite team (or a team that you like), and think of the biggest flaws and weaknesses that they have. They will fill you with that bogus (common BSPN hype) nonsense by saying how spectacular or amazing it is.

I like very little about Colin Cowherd. That’s all he gets from me.

I’m a positive guy, so I hope you read those with humor but don’t get me wrong, it’s the truth!

And on that positive note, here’s a list of my favorite professionals in the business, and who’s worth listening to.

– Mike Mayock

– Stephen A. Smith

– Skip Bayless

– Steve Marriuci

– Rich Eisen

– Dan Patrick

– Jackie MacMullan

– Michael Smith

– Trey Wingo

– Kevin Harlan

– Marv Albert

– Kenny Albert

Here’s a link:

There are many more that I listen to and some that I avoid, but if you see who I like or think is full of it, yuo can catch my drift!