Tebow!! Time!!

The man just wins football games. The team and the fans love him. You play to win the game. Prime time football on national television, and he led Denver over the Jets with a 95-yard drive. He capped it off with a 20-yard touchdown for the win!

Whether it’s a blowout, a close game, stylish or ugly, all that matters is a W in the standings.

I respect doing it by the book, but there are exceptions and it’s not for everyone. To me, it compares to music sensation Kanye West dropping out of college and still making something of himself. For being a college dropout, I’d say he is well off financially.

And that’s what I think the premise of all the negativity derives from…Tim Tebow is posing a threat to start a new trend. Sure, he has “Tebowing” or what I like to call “praying,” but to be successfull on the field with a college style and scheme gives hope to more college players and those professional teams that are struggling. The option has never worked before, well there’s a first for everything!

Leadership and heart, you can’t measure those. He praises the Lord like he should be doing, like most of us should be doing but hey that’s an entirely different topic and just my opinion I guess. But, some do wonder if his clean cut persona draws heat because of how difficult of a lifestyle it truly is. I know I fall short despite my intentions, and professional sports could use a leader with his personality.

Congratulations to the kid for being mentally strong. That’s a bigger win than the victories he and his Broncos are earning on the field. They don’t appear to be heading to a top-5 pick in the draft. They are in contention to win the AFC West and make the playoffs. I don’t want to get too far ahead, but I can’t be even keel about this either and I’m not even a Broncos fan! The defense and supporting cast is stepping up, and as usual the QB gets the love and the hate.