Aaron Rodgers

The way he is performing this season is remarkable. The way the Green Bay Packers have been playing since week 10 last season is summed up with one word, perfect. Perfect in the sense that they’re undefeated from that point and at the very least, this Sunday.

I am probably one of the biggest Aaron Rodgers fans and I’m not even a Packers fan. I was a fan of his when he was on the sidelines watching the iron man Bret Favre. I love predictions and coming back to them. It’s more common to miss than hit, so when it comes to this guy that we all would agree is the front-runner for league MVP, you know I’m smiling.

But to keep the game into perspective, you have to respect those that have come before you. This isn’t a message to Aaron Rodgers, but to the fans and media personalities that want to compare him to the greats. If the quarterback retired after the season, or for some reason could not continue playing football (knock on wood before some injury occurs), would we discuss how great he was in such a short amount of time? Highly doubtful. The topic of discussion would be about how great we all thought he could have been with the flashes he has shown us. We don’t even know if he is in his prime right now. Will he get better or come back down to earth? What is his potential and/or ceiling? Exactly, and without any of those answers you have a young star player blossoming right before our eyes!

Not to take away anything that he’s doing, but at this point the only thing you can compare is Superbowl Championships. There are several Hall of Fame players that never reached the pinnacle because it’s a team sport. He has tied Bret Favre, the man who played 19 seasons and everyone wants to compare him to for obvious reasons. The NFL is also the “Not for long” league int erms of career length and that’s unheard of! Let the guy continue to grow and impress us. The comparisons are very premature, unless you are talking about his style of play and different aspects of his game. But the comparison grade is incomplete and collectively we’re prisoners of the moment. As far as current quarterbacks are concerned, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have resumes for the ages.

I will say, he is having the best span of an NFL quarterback that I’ve personally ever seen. And on that note, he is not the best quarterback ever and not even the best quarterback in the NFL. What he is doing is making efficient and impressive use of his young career and quickly making a name for himself. He has stepped into the void that Peyton Manning’s injury created. Let’s keep most of the legendary names like Dan Marino, John Elway and Steve Young out of the picture for the time being. Just sit back and watch the show.