NFL Notes & Views

The bills need to throw to their best receiving option Steve Johnson. They have to base their passing game around him like they did earlier this season, and it will open things up for Fred Jackson in the running game. That’s when tight end Scott Chandler was scoring touchdowns in the redzone and Fitzpatrick was throwing more touchdowns than interceptions. They keep getting away from him.

The lions are stubborn and continue to pass. They want Matthew Stafford to succeed so much, that they hurt the team and their chances of winning. The have a couple of running backs that are serviceable, mainly the return of Kevin Smith (and Javhid Best should be returning in the next week or so). They ahd a tremendous start, but you need to run the ball to keep defenses honest, even if the ground game isn’t producing like you’d like. As far as today’s game against the Panthers, it’s working and they continue to pass, turn the ball over, and punt. Megatron is getting double and triple covered and for good reasons.

The Ravens need to continue running the football and dumping the ball off on shorter routes. With their superior defense, they can control the ball and take shots downfield periodically. When they try to run the offense through Joe Flacco and air it out, that’s when you see the mediocre ravens team that lost to the Titans and the Seahawks.

The Redskins are what they are, a team that started out great because of their coaching but came back down to earth because they don’t have the talent. They need to keep pounding the ball on the ground and run play-actions.

The Panthers are a good team, something that the record would not indicate. If the maintain a balanced offense, their close but no cigar efforts will result into more victories. By the way, I did pick them at Detroit today and they’re doing well so far.

The Buccaneers frustrate me when I watch them. Another young team trying to make their quarterback “the man.” You have to allow your quarterbacks to grow in a league that is geared to stop and confuse them. LeGarrette Blount and the run game has been exceptional all season, but they still refuse to run the ball. Perhaps today, they rediscover the reason that they won 10 games last season and keep the ball on the ground. Patience with Josh freeman tampa Bay, stick to the blueprint and he has shown the ability to lead comeback victories when the games are close. Let’s be smart now.

Digressing into some other teams and their issue:

The Philadelphia Eagles are losing because, just like every other season, of their reluctance to run the football.It’s even worse that LeSean McCoy continues to be in the top 3 of rushing and one of the most explosive players in the NFL. Get the man the football in the passing game as well, just like you did Brian Westbrook and how the Bears are using Matt Forte. He should be your focal point, not Michael Vick and the toys you have at wide receiver. If you’re successful on the ground are are consistently running, don’t you think the home run plays would suddenly reoccur in the offense? It’s not rocket science, or is it?

The teams in the NFL need to go back to the ground and pound. Time of possession, keep the chains moving, and score points. At the very least, you punt and give the opponent bad field position. You wear defenses down throughout the game, and then use your talent in the passing game for those breakout plays.

It’s a game of inches. You preparation is challenging, but the blueprint is simple to a degree.