NFL Week 11 Picks

Here is a link for my picks throughout the season, including this past Thursday’s game. (Home team in bold).

Broncos over Jets – Thank you Tebow!

Jaguars over Browns – MJD makes the difference.

Panthers over Lions – More of a gut feeling, I think the Panthers can move the ball and the Lions are struggling.

Packers over Buccaneers – Undefeated team at home against a team with no identity.

Bills over Dolphins – I think the Bills get back on track and cool the Fins off.

Raiders over Vikings – Slowly but surely, the Raiders are becoming complete on offense. And AP needs help.

Cowboys over Redskins – Cowboys are are on a roll with a boost from the running game. The Redskins are have too many issues.

Bengals over Ravens – No AJ Green or Ray Lewis for this showdown. I like the Bengals defense to hault the ravens offense, and Cincinnati has it easier without Ray Lewis in uniform.

Rams over Seahawks – The Rams are home and Stephen Jackson is running like a man possessed. The Seahawks have a solid defense but the offense is nothing to rave about.

49ers over Cardinals – SF is just steamrolling through teams. Would not be surprised to see an upset, AZ is playing better football and have a couple wins in a row, but I’ll stick with the 8-1 team.

Titans over Falcons – Titans are a physical team and Atlanta isn’t as tough as their head coach is. The Falcons love playing at home, I just think it will be an ugly game and the Titans win those. Especially with CJ getting on track last week.

Bears over Chargers – The Bears are rolling and the Chargers are coming up short. Could go either way but the momentum (or lack of) each team has should continue.

Eagles over Giants – Vince Young hasn’t lost against the Giants, and he wins football games. The Giants are surprisingly mediocre with their ground game against Philly, and Eli usually throws a ball or 2 to the green jerseys.

Patriots over Chiefs – The Patriots got back on track and the defense looks a little better. Plus, the Chiefs have Tyler Palko at QB.