NFL Week 12 Picks

Vikings @ Falcons
– Falcons: They play well at home, no AP, vs. rookie QB
Browns @ Bengals
– Bengals: Better offense, better defense, better team. They need to rebound and stay in the playoff hunt.
Buccaneers @ Titans
– Buccaneers: Titans OL vs. an Bucs DL, should be a physical game. Tampa’s cover-2 bends but doesn’t break, and their talented offense should move the chains.
Panthers @ Colts
– Panthers: They have made strides despite their record, and the Colts are probably getting the first pick of the draft.
Cardinals @ Rams
– Rams: Stephen Jackson will get more touches than Larry Fitzgerald, plus the rams are at home and that always helps.
Bills @ Jets
– Jets: Jets have shot themselves in the foot, but they show up to divisional games. The Bills are plagued by injuries and aren’t playing like they did early in the season.
Texans @ Jaguars
– Texans: It’s not like Shaub had to do everything for the Texans. Leinart steps into a situation of being a game manager, especially with that strong running game and defense. The Jaguars need Gabbert to progress quicker than he has been doing to help Jones-Drew out.
Bears @ Raiders
– Raiders: Raiders int he black hole against an experienced quarterback. Plus, Palmer gets better every week and that defense is better than where they’re ranked.
Redskins @ Seahawks
– Seahawks: They are playing better football than the redskins, and Seattle is a tough place to win.
Patriots @ Eagles
– Eagles: The Patriots OL is battered and their secondary is depleted. The Eagles use Vick in a Superman role like the Panthers and Cam, hence the losses. Vince Young is starting, therefore Shady McCoy will be used more and DeSean Jackson will actually get targeted.
Broncos @ Chargers
– Broncos: Broncos have momentum and a good defense. Chargers continue to suffer injuries and can’t overcome OL issues.
Steelers @ Chiefs
– Steelers: The Steelers are contending for a Superbowl and need to keep pace with the Ravens. They will do just that because they are flat out better than the Chiefs. The Chiefs are tough at home, but they don’t have enough firepower offensively.
Giants @ Saints
– Saints: The Saints at home are tough to bet against and they have quietly built momentum.. The Giants have more questions than answers.