NFL Stat Notes

Texans have the best defense in football.
Jaguars D ranked 4th, Bengals D 5th, Browns D 6th, 49ers D 7th.
Browns have the bets pass defense in the National Football League.
Jaguars are 4th in pass defense.
The 3 worst pass defenses are teams in the playoffs hunt (Bears 30, Packers 31, Patriots 32/last).
Funny how the Patriots are last in pass defense but cornerback Kyle Arrington leads the league with 7 interceptions.
Rams rank 8th in pass defense.
49ers are the best run defense in football and have allowed the least amount of points.
Packers have by far the most interceptions so far.
The Ravens forced the most fumbles and have the most sacks.
The Chiefs can’t buy a sack, they are last with 13 (DeMarcus Ware and Jared Allen each have 14).
Cardinals have tallied the most tackles while the Bengals have the lowest tackle total.
49ers also have the most passes defended/deflected.
Falcons have the 2nd best run defense.
Lions defensive end Cliff Avril has forced the most fumbles.
Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers has the most passes defended.

My preseason pick for defensive player of the year was Charles Woodson. He has 50 tackles, 6 picks, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 2 defensive touchdowns. Not to mention his presence being felt by disrupting offenses. Since he got to Green Bay, he has created a hybrid-defensive back position that does it all. He plays the slot, the outside, some free safety, strong safety/linebacker in the box, and blitzes. Not to mention his ability in the return game (and he played some wide receiver for the Raiders several years back).

Broncos lead the league in rushing yards.
Eagles have the 2nd ranked rushing offense in the league.
Giants are dead last in running the football.
Texans lead the NFL in time of possession.
Raiders have the most penalties and Jaguars have the least.
Packers have scored the most points, average 34.7 per game.
Saints have the best 3rd down offense, as well as the most first downs.
Sam Bradford has been sacked the most.
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Hasselbeck have been the least sacked quarterbacks (that started every game this season).
Philip Rivers has thrown the most interceptions up to this point.
Check out these yards per carry: Michael Vick 8.2, Darren Sproles 6.8, Tim Tebow 5.8, DeMarco Murray 5.7,
Fred Jackson was at 5.5 and Darren McFadden was at 5.4 before their injuries.
LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson have 11 rushing touchdowns; Cam Newton has 10.
Wes Welker leads all receivers in receptions, yards, 1st down catches, and has the longest catch of the year (99 yards on a touchdown).
Mike Wallace (95 yards) and Jordy Nelson (93 yards) also have 90-yard touchdowns.
For players with 50+ catches this season, Ray Rice has the best (YAC) yards after catch with a 9.4 average.
Megatron leads with 12 touchdowns through the air, Gronkowski has 11.
Jordy Nelson has 9 receiving scores. Eric Decker has 8. Laurent Robinson has 7.
Aaron Rodgers has the best rating, most touchdowns, least interceptions, best completion percentage, and most yards per attempt. And most wins (undefeated Cheese-heads).

Special Teams:
Browns kicker Phil Dawson has the most 50+ yard field goals made.
Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders has the longest field goal of 63 yards.
Packers kicker Mason Crosby has the most extra points made.
Raiders Shane Lechler has the best punting average. He also has the longest punt, which is 80 yards.
Brandon Fields of the Dolphins has the most punts inside the 20 and is tied with Jon Ryan of the Seahawks with 12 punts inside the 10.
Jets Joe McKnight is the best kick returner in the league, statistically.
Patrick Peterson (4 TDs) joins Devin Hester (2 TDs – this season) as the best punt returners in the game.