Eagles @ Seahawks

Both are coming into tonight’s game with 4-7 records.

Seattle is one of the toughest place to play, with their crowd nicknamed “the 12th man!”

The Eagles are paper champions and have yet to put the pieces together to translate that to the field.

I’m going to go with Philly on this one, simply because most of their losses resulted in blown leads. The Eagles are 2nd in offensive yards. They certainly move the chains and struggle with puttings points on the board.

Seattle’s stout run defense matches up against the leading rusher in the NFL, LeSean McCoy. In that battle, even if the Seahawks can’t stop McCoy, Andy Reid and Marty Morningweg will (the offensive playcallers).

The Eagles were feasted on early in the year on the ground, but their run defense has improved as the pass defense has gotten worse. They held Brandon Jacobs to 18 carries for 27 yards, wow. Similar type of back to Marshawn Lynch, I see the Seahawks having mediocre success running the football. They need to have a great rushing attack tonight and control the clock, to keep the ball away from the Eagles’ explosive offense.

Seattle just doesn’t have the secondary, and pass defense in general, to contain the Eagles through the air. I don’t think the Seattle offensive line and Tarvaris Jackson can pose much of a threat to pull this one out, even with the supportive crowd noise.

These teams may have the same record, but I believe they are in different classes in terms of franchises. Andy Reid has been known to right the ship, but it will be an interesting game to see if Pete Carroll can reveal a silver line in Seattle. The Nightmare Team can work towards playing better football, or things could get even uglier in Philadelphia.

Eagles over Seahawks, 27-17