Broncos Need to Balance Their Offense

Like everybody else, I am watching and learning more about Tim Tebow. I have agreeed with Skip Bayless since day 1. He wins football games and they need to pass the ball more. They are a running team, but balance the offense.

If you still are anti-Tebow, answer me this…

What were the Broncos before him?

How was the defense playing before him?

Look, there is more to the game than stats, but even so, the 4th quarter stats back him up more than his 1st 3 quarter stats count against him. You can love LeBron James for how great of a player he is and taking his talents to South Beach, but the guy is hardly noticeable when it matters most (aside from some games and moments, but consistency is the key for “great” players).

So the majority of fans form opinions that mirror the media perception. I agree, the 1st 3 quarters are ugly, Tebow could do better. But you know what, so can the team. Here is the Broncos gameplan:

1st Down: Run

2nd Down: Run

3rd Down: 5 yards or less they run / 6 yards or more they pass

The defense believes in their team leader, and when the clock ticks in the clutch the offense believes they can win and they rise to the occasion. Another thing I have agreed with Skip Bayless since day 1 is, the offensive playcalling is horrendous. Dating back to last season, Tebow has shown the ability to throw deep and pass efficiently. When a quarterback is handing the ball off all the time, sure you can expect him to make the necessary completions when called upon, but think back if you ever played football about rhythm and game flow. The Denver Broncos are leaning on their inspired defense, and turning to Tim Tebow to bail them out. It really does look like the new regime, John Elway and John Fox, are sacrificing this season to reveal he is not their future.

I get it, they did not draft this guy and they want a prototypical quarterback. Think about it, how many are there? Go ahead, get past the obvious and elite names of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Then you have Aaron Rodgers, although he has the ability to move around. Drew Brees plays like one, but he is undersized and plays are designed to move the pocket and create passing lanes because of his size. Michael Vick is still a running QB whom is also undersized. The prototypical QB is few and far between, or else everyone would be in Superbowl contention.

After watching Tebow win 7 out of 8 games (6 in a row) and spring-boarding the Denver Broncos into 1st place (after starting 1-4 looking at another top-5 pick). Give the guy the keys to the vehicle and let him drive! Call a gameplan that puts him on the spot and that is close to balanced (if not 50/50 why not a 40/60 split). He has thrown for 200+ yards and if you say he doesn’t pass the eye test, you just don’t want to see it or oppose the leader of a winning team because it’s the pop[popular thing to do. Let him throw in the 1st 3 quarters. They are a running team and that should not change. But give the offense an opportunity to move the chains and put more points on the scoreboard rather than accepting 3 and outs, punting, playing the field position game, and putting all the weight on their defense and special teams until the final quarter.

I think the leader of the Denver Broncos is leading despite the playcalling. He doesn’t play defense or special teams, but when your team believes in you and that you can win, then they fight for you. The Broncos players don’t appear to be on the same page as the coaching staff and front office. They feel they can win have shown it with the results. I think the famous/infamous (whatever you want to call him) Tim Tebow is a threat to run and pass successfully. I think he will be a very good quarterback for years to come, maybe not great but with a least a Pro Bowl bid or 2 (whatever those are worth nowadays).

Think about it, if the Broncos have more wins than your favorite team does (like my Eagles), I would gladly swap records. We would be in 1st place and headed towards the playoffs!