2 Guys I’m Rooting 4

On A Lighter Note: MVP Candidate Drew Brees

I’m not a fan of the New Orleans Saints. I believe what Green Bay is doing, well the team deserves credit. Aaron Rodgers is having a remarkable year, but so is Tom Brady and only once have we seen Co-MVPs (Peyton Manning and Steve McNair in 2004). Rodgers has all the tools, but he has an opportunistic defense, and Greg Jennings leading the best receiving core in football (as many experts and fans say, myself included). I believe Rodgers to be the most gifted, but to me Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the NFL. He is a future Hall of Famer and performs at a high level every season. With that said, Brees has been an elite quarterback for several years now. All these guys have won a Superbowl (Brady more than others).

It is fair to say if you had to choose a better running game, you would probably go with the Saints running game by committee. Most people can mention Wes Welker and the new household name Rob Gronkowski. They have another great talent with Aaron Hernandez, and Ocho Cinco is a popular name (despite his humbling season). The Patriots just have good football players all around, they can play offense, defense, and special teams (Edelman, Woodhead, Branch). Most couldn’t name the guys catching passes by Drew Brees, who is on his way to breaking Dan Marino’s season record for passing yards. Beyond that, his completion percentage, QB rating, you name it, he is in the top 5 in nearly every category. By the way, his receiving targets are Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, and Pierre Thomas.

What Drew Brees is doing with his supporting cast and record-breaking season, is unbelievable and they are 11-3 in hopes of a first-round bye. Green Bay is the best team and the hottest story, New England has the household names, but New Orleans has the Most Valuable Player.

Getting Serious: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

The answer to everyone’s wants and needs. Don’t even believe anything positive or  negative about him if you don’t want to. Go look for yourself, at his words, statements, and plans. Overall, he is the best candidate in many, many years and has been neglected the last few elections because of misleading mainstream propaganda. He will be getting my vote and this man needs to get the push and recognition he deserves. If you are not aware, dig a little bit. If you are aware, do some research and I bet the vast majority of you vote for this gentleman. Politics are dirty, so hopefully you see how the media attacks him because they have a different agenda. Read the headlines and stories of infowars.com and even listen to the Alex Jones radio show. There is much to learn but I can share the source for the truth to you my friends.