2 QBs That Will Get Better & It’s Scary!!

Michael Vick and Tim Tebow.

Michael Vick

Despite Vick starting most of last season and this season for the Eagles, he has yet to have an offseason in Philadelphia, as the starting quarterback going into the season. This year, there was a lockout. Last year, he was second string. The year before, he was third string and only used in wildcat formations. He has come a long way in reviving his career. Whether they make the playoffs or not, I expect Michael Vick to have the best season of his career next year, with a full offseason as the starter, with QB gurus Andy Reid and Marty Morningweg. Not to mention his explosive supporting cast, atop the league in rushing yards and touchdowns LeSean McCoy. He also has the most explosive receiver in DeSean Jackson, who should have a contract by next season, at the very least a franchise tag. Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek, 2 Pro Bowl caliber players. And that offensive line, has become one of the better lines in all of football, despite having 2 rookies, and 2 guys starting at their positions for the first time in their careers. Jason Peters the left tackle, has been the best in the business and has several Pro Bowls and All-Pro selections for a reason.

Tim Tebow

The man is a winner, it has translated from college to the NFL. He is a leader and rises to the clutch occasion. He has his flaws just like anybody else and he’s only human. But to win games and lead a team left for dead to first place in the division and possibly hosting a playoff game, is an achievement for any player. This offseason, regardless of how this season results, he will go into next season as the starter. Perhaps he gains more trust in the staff and they throw more next season. The kid can run and has a loaded box stacked against him defensively, yet he is still doing what he’s doing. He is making throws when defenses expect him to throw, and long yardage situations and from behind. This guy will be a force to be reckoned with, and I mean passing the football. He’s winning with a one-dimensional approach, and you can see the incremental improvements weekly. Like I said in the past, he is starting a new trend and giving more players hope and creating opportunities to succeed at the NFL level.