NFL New Year’s Football: Headlined by Brady & Brees

Boy, didn’t they make today look easy?

Wow, after going down 21-0 early to the Buffalo Bills, New England scores 49 straight. By the way, Brady broke Dan Marino’s passing yards in a season record as well, second to only Drew Brees.

Speaking of Drew Brees, the Saints went marching into their home of the Superdome. They wiped out Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers 45-17. This game has gone final. If San Francisco loses, they get the 2nd seed and a bye.

Speaking of San Francisco, the Rams are making things interesting against the 49ers, whom are playing for the 2nd seed and a bye. If they win they get it, if they lose the Saints will have stole it from them. Perhaps the Rams are playing for Coach Spagnuolo and Josh McDaniel’s jobs.

It hurts to say this, but this is the first meaningless finale in awhile for my Philadelphia Eagles. Well, at least they came in clashing with their rivals and are beating the Washington Redskins. DeSean Jackson finally got a home run touchdown from Michael Vick. Mid-way through the 4th, Birds up 27-10 and Mike Kafka will finish their season at the helm.

The Titans up on the Texans, trying to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Texans are struggling as of late, and their Superbowl aspirations continue to dwindle.

A Matt Flynn-led Packers team is giving the Lions a run for their money. They are in  the 4th quarter at Lambeau. Matthew Stafford has 400+ yards and counting, but Green Bay is up 38=34.

The Bears and Vikings locked up in a rival finale at the Metrodome. Chicago wins that ugly battle led by their defensive effort.

Miami gets the best of their rival Jets, and might have knocked them out of the postseason hunt. Without Reggie Bush and the Jets will be making some changes this offseason.

Jacksonville defeats Indianapolis, who will be getting the first pick of the draft I believe, even if the rams lose. Bright spots, look no further than the leading rusher this season Maurice Jones-Drew. With little help on a bad team, Mo-Jo’s accomplishment will go under-appreciated by most fans, but the league circle is well aware of this stud.