Philadelphia Eagles Press Conference

CEO Jeffrey Lurie will be having a press conference on the state of the Philadelphia Eagles in a little bit. It raises eyebrows for Eagles fan because, throughout the 11-year tenure of head coach Andy Reid, he has always given a press conference and talked to the media the Monday after their season has ended.

I’m a firm believer that Andy Reid is the best man for the job, and I usually shrug off the media questions and assumptions that Reid is on the hot seat. But with time elapsing and age settling in, perhaps the personal life with his sons and family adds into the equation, could this be the year? Has Andy Reid coached his final game for Philadelphia? Will he move up into the front office of the Eagles? Is he retiring? Will he be let go and coach another team next season?

Many think, that if he was let go that he would get a job before he made his way to his car. You’re talking about a guy that is heavily involved with personnel, finalizing decisions, and head coaching the football team. Reid is a very powerful and well-liked individual, and some think Jeffrey Lurie may be giving him a vote of confidence with this greatly anticipating meeting with the media.

My take: Andy Reid is the man for the job in Philadelphia, and at the very least is coaching one more season with the talent and youth he acquired, to make a Superbowl run. The team had a successful 2nd half of the season, resulting in 4 consecutive victories. They have the 15th pick of the draft, can retain any of their core players, and have the cap to sign more impact players. Realize this, the Eagles moved the chains at will and were 4th in offensive yardage (behind NO, GB, NE, all elite/playoff teams), it was turnovers that put them in a whole. They found the solutions to their red-zone offense in LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek. I’m not a fan of offensive coordinator Marty Morningweg, I think Juan Castillo returns as defensive coordinator because I don’t think Steve Spagnuolo would mesh with Jim Washburn’s wide-9 on the defensive line. And to Castillo’s credit, the Eagles led the NFL in sacks and forced turnovers in 13 of their 16 games. This defense finished 10th in points allowed, 10th against the pass, and 16th against the run.

This could mean the firing of a coach and the hiring of another, I am interested as anybody else to see what this brings. In the back of my mind, I pictured Andy Reid’s tenure ending with a move to the front office, and a big name/familiar face coach like Jon Gruden or Herm Edwards becoming the head coach. In this situation, I’m going to guess that Jeffrey Lurie gives Andy Reid a vote of confidence heading into the offseason and a Superbowl run for next year. Why? Reid has 2 years remaining on his contract and knowing the Eagles franchise and how they operate, they would only buy out a contract with one year left, so next season is Superbowl or move on in my eyes.