Plan for the Indianapolis Colts

QB Situation

Sign soon-to-be free agent quarterback Matt Flynn. Green Bay continues to groom successful quarterbacks and they should give him 3 years and see if that works out. They should trade Peyton Manning for the highest draft pick(s) possible, I’m assuming someone will indeed trade a 1st round pick in a bidding war (I’m thinking the Redskins and the Jets, you know there will be more teams interested). At the very least, they should be able to get a 2nd, maybe 3rd round pick if they want to get his salary off their roster. Speaking of 2nd and 3rd round pick, one of those picks is where they should draft a quarterback, and if Matt Flynn doesn’t pan out you have your guy getting his feet wet and learning the system, while getting another position of need in the 1st round. It would be better if they could trade the #1 pick of the trade for multiple picks, but that may be asking too much; you never know though, it will depend on who they hire to be the new GM.


They should not draft a quarterback in the 1st round because they need help at multiple positions, especially on that offensive line. They will be losing receiver Reggie Wayne and possibly defensive end Robert Mathis. They have other positions to fill, and they should accumulate as many draft picks as possible to improve their roster on both sides of the ball.

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  1. I’ve been a strong proponent of the Colts trading the #1 overall pick even if Manning is gone. Because of the restructuring of rookies salaries in the last CBA, there is tremendous value in the first pick. Consequently, they can load up on draft picks in a trade and take a quarterback later in the draft.



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