Dwight, Dwight, Dwight


Dwight Howard’s request to be traded still stands, and the Orlando Magic’s general manager doesn’t feel the team has done much to change the superstar’s mind.

“Nothing has changed,” Howard said before the Magic faced the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.

Otis Smith confirmed Howard has not taken his trade request off the table and that Howard’s agent still has permission to speak with three, and only three, teams: the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Jersey Nets.

“I think his leaving or going has nothing to do with Orlando,” Smith said of Howard. “I think he wants a bigger market. I can’t do anything about that.”

Courtesy of: realgm.com

My Take

I’ve said it once, twice, 100 times now. Dwight doesn’t know what he wants and his best destination for his career (endorsements, winning, etc.) is Chicago. They have a big market and a championship-ready team franchise. They simply have the best package to offer Orlando. He will get more suitors for off the court endorsements than just Adidas, and that should have nothing to do with his playing status. He is a multi-time defensive player of the year and the most dominant center in the game. The alternative for Chicago would and should be Dallas. The Mavericks are expected to sign Deron Williams and bring him back to his hometown. They are another big market franchise with assets to make it happen. Just a heads up, Dirk Nowitzki is a future Hall of Fame player, but he is 33 years old and Dwight Howard is 26, if they had to go that route.