New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers


Eli Manning has been on a terror in 4th quarters this season. The running game has picked up with a healthier Bradshaw, and Jacobs has been running well. The strong receiving core should gain some yards in this one, and we may see Cruz salsa dancing in the endzone. The defensive line has also gotten healthier, and has been named the best by many. The secondary is better than popular belief, and they will certainly challenge Green Bay’s receivers with their length. The G-Men will try to collapse the pocket on Rodgers and make them one-dimensional.


The Packers got to rest, watch film, and see what the Giants did to Atlanta last week. Green Bay has been under-the-radar for most of their season despite being the best team, and they are hungry because everyone is hopping on the Giants bandwagon. I think they will get Starks more involved as they did last season, taking what the defense gives them because they’re so focused on stopping the weapons downfield. The Packers defense picked off the most interceptions and they have a roster full of playmakers opposing a turnover-prone quarterback


The Giants will need their d-line to maintain their dominance and aggression, and rely on that pressure to make the rest of the defense look better. They will probably come out running to work the clock and keep the Packers offense out of rhythm, while speed rushing Rodgers forcing him to run. I like Green Bay’s defense to stop the running game and to convert on 3rd downs. Just when you start believing in the Giants, they let you down. I think Green Bay is better this year than they were last year, and New York isn’t consistent enough.

Prediction: Packers over Giants, 27-17