Notes Around the NFL

Gregg Williams

As rumored, the Saints’ defensive coordinator has reunited with Jeff Fisher by joining St. Louis He will be the defensive coordinator, as he was in New Orleans, building around James Laurenitis, Chris Long, and Robert Quinn.

Steve Spagnuolo

Former Rams coach is set to meet with the Saints on Wednesday, to replace the departed Gregg Williams.. He has been linked to former teams, the Giants and Eagles.

Marty Mornhinweg Leaving Philly?

Current Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, is reportedly a  head coach candidate for Oakland and Indianapolis. Morningweg may follow former Eagles Director of Player Personnel to Indianapolis, as he is the new general Manager that just relieved Coach Mike Caldwell of his duties.Who will this QB guru get to work with next season:Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck or RG3, Carson Palmer, or Michael Vick?

Brian Shottenheimer

The son of Marty Shottenheimer may be headed to St. Louis. Shottenheimer left the Jets and met with the Rams last weekend. Wherever ha lands, we will get to see how he works with a new offense and a quarterback not named Mark Sanchez.

Hue Jackson

He was a big part of the Raiders’ revival, as he was offensive coordinator for the team before becoming head coach. He is being mentioned as an offensive coordinator on the radar for the Jets and Rams.

From South Beach 2 Hotlanta

Another good defensive coordinator on the move, Mike Nolan. His latest gig was coaching the Miami Dolphins’ defense, and he has the reigns to turn the defense around in Atlanta. A team that feels their ready for a Superbowl run, look for the Falcons to draft some weapons for Nolan to work with.

Windy City Coaches

Mike Tice is Chicago’s Assistant Head Coach. Tice coached the Bears’ offensive line last season, and has been named the offensive coordinator after a mutual separation with Mike Martz (who recently retired). Word is that he is another coach on Oakland’s radar.

Division rival Minnesota asked for permission to speak to their Secondary Coach, Jon Hoke, and the Bears denied them.

Mike McCoy & Tim Tebow

Denver’s offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, will be meeting with the Dolphins for a second interview. Division rival Oakland also contacted the coach, but he is set to meet with Miami on Thursday about their head coach vacancy.

CBS wanted to bring the famous and infamous quarterback, Tim Tebow, into the studio for this weekend’s playoff games. After a storied season and one week after being eliminated, he declined the invitation to put his face on television, and it’s probably for the better. It’s not the right time for that, especially since the media went overboard with “Tebow Mania” coverage.

Chargers New Coordinators

Two more moves that put the Chargers’ commitment to San Diego into question, by hiring new coordinators from within. San Diego promoted Linebackers Coach, John Pagano, giving him the keys to the defense by becoming the new defensive coordinator. he takes over for the scapegoat of the staff,  Greg Manusky. They also promoted Offensive Line Coach Hal Hunter. He has been named the new offensive coordinator, although we all know that Norv Turner calls the plays.


I’m curious to see where coaches like Jack Del Rio and Marty Shottenheimer land, whether this season or next season. I think a team like Tampa Bay could use a head coach with some front office power, but we will see if they want Marty Ball enough to take him from the CFL.. Del Rio was let go by Jacksonville and will be mentioned as a candidate in the collegiate level. He may even get some interest about head coaching jobs in the NFL, as well as defensive coordinator openings. Perhaps Philadelphia is a realistic destination.

Early Free Agent Talk

Seattle is a team that comes up when talking about free agent quarterback Matt Flynn.

The Panthers and Jaguars are interested in Vincent Jackson. Early word is that the Chargers and Jackson will talk about an extension.

Marques Colston and Dwayne Bowe are expected to remain with the Saints and Chiefs, but Reggie Wayne will most likely be in a new uniform.

Stevie Johnson is due to be a free agent as well. He is expected to talk with Buffalo, but he may draw interest around the league.

Robert Mathis has a good chance of playing for a team not in Indianapolis, but Mario Williams will certainly be a priority for the Texans and I expect him to stay in Houston for awhile.

Most believe DeSean Jackson will play for Philadelphia next season, whether they agree on an extension or he gets franchise tagged.