NBA Games This Weekend


Oklahoma City Thunder @ Atlanta Hawks (Should be fast-pace/high scoring game)

Milwaukee Bucks @ Orlando Magic (Brandon Jennings visits Dwight Howard)

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Washington Wizards (Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall)

Indiana Pacers @ New Orleans Hornets (Pacers on 6-game win streak/Hornets just beat the reigning Champion Mavericks)

Detroit Pistons @ Memphis Grizzlies (2 young teams gaining momentum)

Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks (Lamar Odom returns)

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Portland Trail Blazers (Should be fun to watch)


Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers (Lake Show may seek redemption on Wade for fouling Bryant at All Star Game)

Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston Rockets (Lob City against a talented Houston team)

Sacramento Kings @ Phoenix Suns (2 teams that like to fastbreak)

Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors (Similar to a Euro-style Game)

Denver Nuggets @ San Antonio Spurs (Ty Lawson vs. Tony Parker; Spurs 14-2 at home)

New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics (Big names on National TV)

Chicago Bulls @ Philadelphia 76ers (The epitome of team basketball)

New Jersey Nets @ Charlotte Bobcats (Brooke Lopez showcase as trade deadline looms)